Dec 062009

When Bobbi Brown released her Illuminating Bronzers last spring, she also released a nice large fluffy bronzer brush. Although I’ve been wishing to buy the brush for months, I recently caved to temptation and took the plunge.Bobbi-Bronzer-Brush-3

The term “bronzer brush” is a little bit difficult to pin down. I can mean anything from a dense, long-handled kabuki, like Sephora’s , which picks up and deposits a lot of pigment on the cheek. These brushes are typically used for heavy coverage, and Sephora’s bronzer brush delivers on that score. As you can see from the link, the brush hairs on the Sephora are densely packed together. In contrast, Clinique’s is very large and fluffy. It would be ideal for bronzing large portions of skin, including the shoulders and body.

Bobbi’s falls somewhere between the two, with a large, dense and yet still somehow fluffy brush head. It’s ideal to use with her large bronzer compacts (or, for that matter,bronzers from Guerlain, Chanel or Estee Lauder, but not a small bronzer like Benefit’s Hoola). Here are some quick pictures so that you can see the size. This brush allows much more precise bronzer placement than a very large brush, but is still sufficiently fluffy to give a natural sweep.

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  1. So true. I love my NARS bronzer. I have recently started using the Bobbi Brown (use both as a BLUSH) with a MAC brush (#129)

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