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After the bright blingy New Year’s Eve manicure of yesterday (that’s so last year!), I’m welcoming in 2010 with open arms and dark nails.  This one is Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Film Noir, which typically retails for $18 but which I picked up at their recent sale for half price.

Film Noir is the movie genre that was began in the 1940’s and is, I would argue, still echoed today in such places as AMC’s Mad Men.  These films are characterized by black and white cinematography, heavy on dark shadows and hard-bitten characters with devastating crime (usually murder) thrown in for good measure.  The dialogue seethes with emotion, although delivered in fast-talking monotone.  Consider this from “Hollow Triumph,” released in 1948:

He:  You’re a bitter little lady.

She:  It’s a bitter little world.

Dark enough for you?  Okay, so let’s go back to talking about nail polish now….

Film Noir is a deep dark black-burgundy jelly that lets in just enough light to show some color.  Evocative of Chanel’s early 1990’s Vamp, Film Noir looks absolutely fabulous when wearing blacks.  Vamp did, so does Film Noir.  A black-burgundy always has, and it always will.  Classic.

In the picture swatch here, I applied two coats then topped with a thick coat of Poshe’s fast-drying Topcoat.  I might use three coats, but I wanted to make sure that some of this rich color would show on the blog.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Film Noir

Because this is a dark jelly, this is not a polish to try for the first time while in a rush.  The deep color is very pigmented, so mistakes tend to show.

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  2 Responses to “Welcome to the Dark Side: Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Film Noir”

  1. Lovely shade! I really need this. Great pic too!

    • Thanks Cindy! I love taking pictures–I love this polish too. I keep looking at my fingers and loving the vamp! 🙂

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