Jan 092010

If MAC’s Azalea swatch posted yesterday wasn’t bright enough, meet Full Fuchsia.  Another of MAC’s Pro blush colors, Full Fuchsia applies slightly more pink, a shade less blue a bit lighter in tone than Azalea.  Despite its name, by comparison Full Fuchsia is less violet and a bit less cool.

This is swatched heavily so you can see the color in my picture.  I used a very compact eyeshadow brush to apply this color to my arm.  I would never suggest wearing this color on your cheek like that.  Like Azalea, to avoid a full-on MAC force field effect, apply very lightly with a skunk (duo-fiber) brush, or wipe a standard blush brush on a tissue several times before applying to the cheek.  Again, keep this blush in a small area of the cheek will be key to allowing it to enhance your skin color rather than taking over your face.  The reason why this blush is sold in the Pro line is, I suspect, that it’s a “handle with caution” sort of color that can be pretty but can become overwhelming in the wrong hands.

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