Jan 162010

Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2010 “Nude Contrasts” collection includes a beautiful neutral palette that I purchased from their online site “Nude Contrasts Palette 2.” ($58).  The packaging is a shiny black version of Armani’s iconic disc.  Both beautiful and functional, these palettes withstand endless and ruthless travel conditions.  Not all of my compacts have survived the airline’s checked luggage handling, but all my Armani’s work as well as new.

Inside are four gorgeous spring colors, three are variations of nude.

Who knew that nude could be so…. complicated? There is no overspray–what you see is what you get.  Fortunately, what you get is a lovely shimmery range of neutrals that can span a range of skin-tones from cool to warm.  There’s a multi-dimensional shimmer throughout the pressed pigment that’s just so (sigh!) pretty.

This is a light-toned shimmery palette.  Adding a touch of black is a useful addition.  You need a dark, even for this palette.  So use this black, which coordinates perfectly and and isn’t going to overwhelm the other shades.

Is this palette a must-have?  Probably not, but the quality of the shadows is discernibly better than a $10/palette neutral version.  There is a very finely milled texture and subtlety that allows the shimmer to look elegant and refined, rather than harsh or too-obvious.

Swatches below (two angles, the swatches are in the same order in both, only one is labeled) so that you can see the texture and shimmer more specifically under different lighting.  Click to enlarge:

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  2 Responses to “Armani Spring 2010: Nude Contrasts Palette 2”

  1. Armani does neutrals brilliantly. I saw this at the Selfridges counter and was quite tempted, but I’d already done enough damage at Shiseido and Suqqu!

    • Grace, so true! I’m so curious about Shiseido’s new eyeshadow range. They look buttery soft and beautiful. All that I know about Suqqu I’ve learned from your site, I’ll have to be brave enough to explore something from their line someday soon!

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