Jan 222010

Neverland is a deep and magical mythical world.  It is appropriate, then, that Addiction’s Neverland eyeshadow ($34, including 1st class shipping from ichibankao.com) is a deep-toned and magical eyeshadow.

Part of Kose’s Addiction line, Neverland is a grey/black metallic-textured eyeshadow that has multidimensional overtones of green, silver and blue.

Lightly applied, it’s a shimmery smudge of grey with a hint of blue/green.  However, if you apply it more densely (see upcoming swatches), you can get a gorgeous wet-pavement-in-the-rain effect.  Because of these overtones, the color looks brings out the natural color of my blue-green eyes.

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I wear this primarily near my eyeliner, because the dark color is somewhat strong.  Alternatively, I brush the eyeshadow with a brush and lightly apply it all over the lid as a grey wash.   This swatch is heavily applied with no base beneath the eyeshadow.

This can be worn with a black base to make the color even denser, although I didn’t find the difference terribly dramatic.  Here, the top swatch is over a black eyeliner (Giorgio Armani’s) and the bottom without a black base.  Keep in mind that the light is hitting the swatches somewhat differently;  the metallic nature of the eyeshadow makes the top one appear lighter although in real life the color of both was the same.

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  6 Responses to “Kose Addiction Eyeshadow in Neverland”

  1. That is truly beautiful!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous color. Your swatch is lovely. I like to use dark teals and greens over a black liner. It makes the green in my hazel eyes pop. I’ll definitely have to look into getting this one.

  3. This is one of the ones I have my eye on, I think it’s different enough from Crow to own both. Lovely colour.

    • …and I think I need to order Crow now after seeing your swatches! I agree they seem somewhat different. And I believe Crow is an ME texture, so I’m guessing that I’ll need to pick that one up.

  4. Gorgeous!!! I really wish this line would be expand to other countries out of Asia!

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