Feb 192010

If blushes were actually part of the Winter Olympics, Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Turbulent would be the opening quadruple axel skating jump.  You think its impossible– it cannot be done!  Yet Turbulent defies limitations, landing beautifully, elegantly and perfectly capturing the gold.

Originally released in Fall 2006, this blush represents the best of a makeup line at least to me.  Although Chanel has a number of beautiful classics, there are occasionally little edgy beauties that somehow work even at the office.

We need at least one standout item, just to set us apart.

This is an extremely pigmented blush.  I usually tap the brush onto the powder, then swirl the brush onto the mirror in the compact to shake off the excess.  You could also use this with a duo-fiber/skunk brush.

The first swatch is very heavy (heavier than I’d recommend) to show the cool pink color:

Here are some lighter swatches (both are Turbulent) to show the pearly texture and glow:

Is this the most pigmented blush that Chanel has ever produced?  I’m not sure.

However, I did find this decades-old Chanel makeup ad from the 1980’s, which I features an even more dramatic color.  Too bad this one isn’t available to compare to Turbulent….

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  1. I JUST got my hands on turbulent! OMG this is such a wonderful color I can’t understand why Chanel D/C’d it. and That blush you show in the ad is gorge too!

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