Feb 252010

Today is Chanel’s release of the Rouge Coco lipsticks of course (I can’t wait to get to the counter this evening!).

In the meantime, via the lovely Lushious Beauty, a first look at some new Chanel eye duos apparently targeted for release in April 2010 according to the site:

Will these replace the current irreelle duo’s?  That’s hard to say, although these may differentiate themselves by their texture from the other line, I completely guessing whether any company wants to keep two duo eyeshadow products on the counters forever.

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  One Response to “Beauty Preview: Chanel Eyeshadow Duos”

  1. I was looking at the duos today on Musings of a Muse. (She has individual close ups) I wonder how many of them Chanel simply lifted from the quads. The colors look very familiar. Since I have a lot of the quads, I’ll be interested in seeing whether I already have the colors in my quads and if these are just a new formulation. We’ll see come April.

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