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March 2010


Upcoming: New NARS Multiples, Cream Blush, Sheer Lip Treatment & Glitter Pencil

March 31, 2010

Via Vanity Fair, a variety of new products announced from NARS:

  • New  Multiple Tints ($38)  in three new shades: Beverly Hills (bright red), Turks & Caicos (bright orange), and Cadaques (bright fuschia)
  • A new cream blush in Enchanted (this was used at the Oscars on JLo and others)
  • Nars Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatments ($25 each)
  • Bains Douches Glitter Pencil ($24)

A bright fuschia Multiple?  This I must see!!!

EDIT:  I’m adding this information from this lovely site about Nars Summer 2010 Belle de Jour Collection (click to enlarge):

It appears from a rough translation of this site that the eye products are creams–Burn It Blue duo, a blue-green two-toned cream. The single is Cayenne, another cream.  The blush is a soft peach tone. The gloss is called Coup de couer, described as a brandy tone.  The multiple is apparently called Lamu, and is apricot with gold particles.  There is a shimmery gold-champaign nail polish.  I apologize in advance for any accuracies, as I’m not fluent in the native language of the original source.  If you have any corrections, kindly let me know so that I can edit this further.

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Chanel Lipstick Nail Polish

Chanel Rouge Coco Gardenia and Rose Paradise Nail Polish

March 31, 2010

Chanel’s Rouge Coco line includes a Neiman Marcus exclusive called Gardenia ($30), which I discovered from reading The Beauty Look Book . Because it looked like a refreshing pink, I called one of the Neiman Marcus stores to order one.  At the same time, I added a nail polish from the same collection, Rose Paradise ($23) as a coordinating nail shade.  They arrived very quickly with some generous samples.

Gardenia is a beautiful shimmering pink, with the same moisturizing formulas as the others in the Rouge Coco line.  Unlike some, Gardenia has a beautiful shimmering quality, which I far prefer to the older Aqualumiere formula.  Gardenia’s shimmer is much more refined, giving just a glow to the lips.  In some colors, the Aqualumiere shimmers seemed larger and the formula more dry.

As you can see in the swatch, Chanel Rouge Coco Gardenia is a pretty neutral shimmering pink.  Here, I compare it to Rouge Coco Mademoiselle, and a few of my favorite neutral Rouge Allures.  Troublant was originally released in an Asian-only collection, and Naive is one of my standbys that seems to look good when I can’t decide what else to wear.  Naive and Gardenia have a similar pleasant pink tone, although Gardenia’s pink is stronger and the formula is more shimmery.  Click to enlarge:

Here is a quick swatch of Rose Paradise nail polish.  I have a very difficult time describing this color –it’s a pink that seems to have some peach or gold undertones.  Really, it’s a complicated color for a pink-neutral.  It’s a very conservative color, I’m sure it would look appropriate for the most formal daytime occasions.  The formula applies very easily–this is two coats over CND Sticky basecoat and under a Poshe topcoat.

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Shu Uemura to Leave the U.S.

March 30, 2010

Today, Shu Uemura, a premium makeup line founded by the legendary makeup artist, has announced that it is pulling out of U.S. stores.  I’m greatly saddened by the news.  I realize that we’ll be able to purchase items from Shu’s online site, nonetheless I feel that it is our loss.  Few companies seem to be encompass the scientific perfection of many products and have such an extreme attention to detail.  Shu has offered a full line of every imaginable color. Unfortunately, their online site doesn’t reflect the full breadth that their boutiques do.  I know, I know….it’s only business.  I can’t help but be a little devastated that Shu’s packing up their business and leaving us behind.

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Eyeliner Eyeshadow Guerlain

Guerlain Terracotta Collection 2010 – Eyeshadow and Liner Pens

March 30, 2010

Guerlain’s Terracotta 2010 collection includes two Eyeshadow and Liners (Fard Metal Fard & Paupieres Liner) ($35 each) in 01 Gold Rush and 02 Smoky Metal, designed to look beautiful on summer skin.  For the past few years, the Terracotta line has included eyeshadows in very creative formats–once an exotic looking shiny pot, another a loose powder pigment. I’ve used these unusually packaged products as staples all the way through winter.  In the past, the eyeshadows have been neutrals with a shimmery kick.

2010 continues that tradition.  These eyeshadow/ liners are a shimmery cream twist-up plastic-encased pencil and their texture is rich and beautiful.  There is a very warm yellow-gold Gold Rush, and a shimmery brown Smoky Metal.

These apply with a sort of effortless buttery-ness–the texture is really lovely.  The shimmer factor is high for a creme textured shadow and there are no obvious sparkly bits.

They are similar to MAC Shadesticks, but they work much better in my opinion.  They are softer and provide a nice even color tone effortlessly.

The brown color goes on very softly–those with medium to dark skin tones may find that the color disappears into the lid, leaving just the sheen.  If you are looking for a drama, look elsewhere or be ready to add the drama with your liner color (a liquid gold and deep chocolate brown–such as the Mystic Kohl– might be amazing).  Smoky Metal is far less striking than the gorgeous Deep Metal powder eyeshadow sold two years ago.  Likewise, it does not have the complexity of the Holy Smoke eyeshadow powder pigment released last  year.  Rather, it’s a softer shimmery, glowy brown that you can wear to a casual outing or put on easily without worrying about precision.

Gold Rush is a shimmer yellow, which will look nice on warmer medium to darker skin tones.  Gold Rush is a medium-toned color, so my guess is that it will be too dark to use as a brow bone highlighter on many.  I expect that lighter, cooler skin tones will find that Gold Rush clashes with your natural coloring so swatching before spending $35 is worth the trouble.  I found that the colors worked well together by using Gold Rush as my inner corner color and Smoky Metal as my all-over lid shade.  An ivory brownbone color finished off the look.

I wore these without a primer for a very long day, and did get some very minor creasing.  I’ll have to update this later today, after I try this with a primer.

Here are some swatches:

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