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MAC Liberty of London Dirty Plum Blush ($18.50) is a dark mauve with nuclear pigmentation.  Dirty Plum was formerly listed as a MAC Pro blush, which are extremely pigmented and require extreme care during application to avoid an overwhelming amount of color. Dirty Plum is no longer listed on MAC’s Pro site as a current product.  However, MAC just re-released it for Riveting and in the special packaging with Liberty of London.

Dirty Plum is currently listed as “matte” on MAC’s website for both Riveting and Liberty of London.  Because I have mauve undertones, I was entirely unable to resist buying this blush when Liberty of London was released.  The combination of the pretty white pattern packaging and the British connection made this purchase inevitable.

Here’s Dirty Plum blush in the pan–that’s a strong color!

I suspect that many who try this blush at a counter will believe that it is far too strong to wear.  Here is a heavy swatch (left) and lighter swatch (right).  As you can see, even the “lighter” swatch is a deep, pigmented color that could easily overwhelm.  Despite the “matte” designation on MAC’s website, I do perceive a tiny bit of shimmer (click to enlarge the picture) although this does not really show much on a standard application:

Here’s the trick to making this blush work– use a skunk brush.  Plus, you only need a tiny bit on a skunk brush to give the same pigmentation as a standard blush.  In fact, the amount of blush used on this Lancome brush in this picture is likely enough to last me for two days of application:

Brush very lightly on the cheeks, then place this brush aside until the next time.  There’s still plenty left!  That’s how pigmented this blush is.  On the other hand, the lasting power throughout the day is great.  If you enlarge the above picture, you’ll see the little glimmer bits that the brush picked up.  Those can easily be removed by a gentle shake of the brush.

Bottom line:  If mauve/purple blushes work for you, you’ll love this blush applied lightly.  Plus, for $18.50, you’ll have a blush that you can bequeath to future generations. You might try Summer Rose Beauty Powder as a highlighter, to add some shimmer and depth to your look.

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  3 Responses to “MAC Liberty of London Dirty Plum Blush”

  1. I actually bought Prim and Proper and I say actually because I was surprised that I did. I thought it was going to be too light and chalky on me but it’s the perfect blush for me when I wear my Fresh Salmon and Richer, Lusher cremesheen glass. I would like to go back and check this one out in more detail – I do like the idea of a matte blush.

    • Oohh good to know! I just got Prim & Proper in the mail and am excited to try it. I really like this collection!: Thanks for posting lexi! 🙂

  2. No problem, Amy. I am also a new fan of your blog – I have enjoyed your Chanel blush/lipstick round up – keep up the great work! A new Chanel powder foundation is top of my “NEED” list right now along with some of their blushes!

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