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RMS Beauty, created by celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, began to get my attention via reviews by London Makeup Girl.  Although I don’t typically go for organic makeup products, the idea of organic makeup that promised skin care benefits appeals to me.  RMS Beauty promises product that are not only non-toxic, that deliver benefits like healing, anti-aging, hydration and nourishing.  RMS Beauty invites use to “consider it skincare with mineral color— giving makeup a whole new meaning,” and promise that the ingredients are raw, organic, food-grade and include vitamins and anti-oxidants.

I ordered the Living Lumizer ($38) from the Spirit Beauty Lounge.  London Makeup Girl had not reviewed this, but I did see some other favorable reviews out there.  The package arrived with breath-taking speed, only two or three days after I placed my order, in a cute recycled gift box with a pink raffia ribbon and several skin care samples from other lines.  Living Lumizer comes in a small glass pot roughly the size of a MAC Paint Pot.

The Living Luminizer is a sheer emollient with satin-pearl finish.  The color looks white in the pot, but it can be applied as sheerly as a almost-clear pearl, or nearly white with dense application.  There is absolutely no  sparkle or glitter whatsoever.  It’s color-neutral when sheerly applied (neither warm nor cool).  If more densely applied, the whitish pearl tone shows slightly.  It’s meant to give a touch of glow to the skin, indeed it could be worn sheerly on the lid as a clear shimmery gloss.

The Living Luminizer delivers a very subtle clear sheen.  It seems to dry down completely leaving the effect of a very finely crushed pearl.  I can’t feel any sticky or greasy texture as one might with vaseline or even a MAC Cream Color Base, which don’t seem to dry completely down.  However, the skin feels softer and moisturized where the product is applied, compared to the areas around it.

Here is a swatch of the RMS Living Lumizer compared to the Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed.  These are heavy swatches to show the color, much heavier than I would ever apply directly on the face:

You can see that the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer leaves a whitish-pearly cast, compared to the warmer gold of the Chanel.

Can we talk about price for just a bit?  The RMS Beauty Living Luminizer sells for $38.  My jar lists the amount as .15 ounces/4.25 grams. (RMS Beauty’s website lists the amount as .20 ounces, but mine lists less). In contrast, Chanel’s Illuminating Fluid is $48 for 1 ounce/30 ml. (5x the amount, $10 difference). Armani Fluid Sheers are $59 for 1 ounce/30 ml.  (Again, 5x the amount, 50% higher price).

Based on these numbers alone, the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is more expensive than Chanel and Armani.  However, there are other factors that should be considered…  After I originally posted this review, I heard from Rose Marie Swift who explained several important points about her products and Living Luminizer more specifically:

  • The amounts listed on the Living Luminizer is lower than one actually receives.  The packaging will be re-done with the next release to reflect the actual (higher) amount of product in the jar.
  • Living Luminizer is a solid, meaning it does not contain any water.  Other companies’ liquids might contain a significant share of water.  The RMS products should last much longer because they are all the ‘good stuff’–no filler.
  • RMS Beauty takes great care to eliminate harmful chemicals from her products.

She also referred me to her site, The Beauty Truth, and I must say I found her story very compelling (read it if you get a chance!).  Rose Marie Swift started her company after she fell in love with beauty products, worked in the industry, and found that she was experiencing serious health issues after working with beauty products through the years.  In response, she decided to do something about it.  This includes both spreading the word, and founding a company that was consistent with her concerns.   I must say that I do enjoy her products (I got an eyeshadow from the Spirit Beauty Lounge that I’ll review soon) and will be ordering more.

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  3 Responses to “RMS Beauty – Living Luminizer”

  1. Thanks for the thorough review. I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking at getting this. I mostly use organic makeup so I haven’t tried the Chanel or Armani. I have noticed organic ingredients tend to be more expensive but aren’t the Chanel & Armani liquids? I think liquids are less concentrated than creams so that might contribute be the price discrepancy too. My balms and creams seem to last much longer than my liquids. Thanks for the post. The pictures you include are so helpful!

    • Thank you Anna-your comments are really helpful to me. I honestly don’t own much organic makeup. What are your favorite lines? I’m going to post another review of RMS Beauty eyeshadow—I really enjoyed this product and would love to try more. Take care and thanks again for your comment! 🙂

  2. I was a bit *wince* at the price of the rms Beauty line at first too, but as you know, I’ve gone on to buy more of it very happily 🙂 I do like how easy the products are to use, and I think the quality of the ingredients used and the raw processing help to justify the price.

    I dither on the Luminizer – I like the idea of it, but I think I want the Myth Lip2Cheek instead to use as a subtle highlight. Your pictures are excellent.

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