Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Sunlight ($38 for 0.08 oz/2.2 grams) adds a beautiful, gentle yet natural warm glow to the skin.  This is an emollient product that appears to be a light yellow-gold in the pot.  When applied, it adds a very sheer layer of glow to the skin that looks natural but somehow more alive.  The look is rich, sophisticated and genuine.  The product seems to meld with the skin, which looks lovely.

Sometimes building up a powder highlighter to give enough sheen gives a frosty, unnatural look.  When using one of these products, one begins to look like the skin is blocked up with powder just as one is trying to look glowy.  Others give an unnatural metallic look.  By comparison, Sunlight is far more natural and luminous, allowing the skin to show through.

Sunlight gives a slightly warm, clear sheen without adding any frost to the skin beneath.  Here are some swatches  that are applied heavily enough to show the color and tone.  Of course, you can apply Sunlight very sheerly for a more subtle effect:

You can see that Sunlight leaves a warm glow on the skin.  Here it is swatched heavily in the foreground, next to the cooler toned RMS Beauty Living Luminizer in the background which looks more white (click to enlarge):

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