Mar 262010

Here are some upcoming collections which caught my eye:

Estee Lauder “Blue Dahlia” from this source.  The palette of black, brown and deep blues looks both interesting and wearable–a little edgy for Estee Lauder which is nice to see.

These items from the otherwise enormous Lancome Summer 2010 Collection from Chic Profile.  I hope that bronzer tone in Temptingly Bronze is more than overspray:

These dual-ended eye pencils look really nice (Sassy in Sunrise and Sultry in Sunset):A few of the Yves Saint Laurent eye singles featured here, currently up for sale on Nordstrom’s online site (click to enlarge and read color names):

A newly reformulated Chanel Vitalumiere foundation:

A Guerlain tinted moisturizer which appears to add a bronzy glow, which I’m curious about but not entirely sure will work for me:

So, what do we think?  Also, is there something I’m missing–what do you think is going to be promising?

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  4 Responses to “A Collection of Things from Upcoming Collections”

  1. i really want to try that guerlain tm too but i’m skeptical because there are only 2 colors!! Why do they do these things?

  2. It’s about time EL did something to update their image. They come up with some very good products, but their image has been very old-school, conservative, and stuffy. Welcome to the 21st century, EL!

    I’ve kept Vitalumiere in my stash since Chanel first introduced it. I hope they haven’t tinkered with it too much. I’ve always loved the satin smooth, buildable coverage. Hopefully, they’ve just incorporated some skin brightening and “lifting” agents into it. It wouldn’t hurt to up the SPF, either. Although I would never rely on a foundation for sun protection (only SPF 50 touches this old face), many women don’t use a separate sunscreen. It will be interesting to see what they’ve done. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

    As for the new Terracotta moisturizer, I think I’ll give that a miss. I prefer the idea of a sun kissed look rather than all over bronze. I know the dog days of summer beg for tinted moisturizer rather than full on foundation, but I’m not so sure I’d want my entire face, neck, and chest covered in in it. I’ll stick to my Terracotta bronzing powder.

    I like YSL eye shadow and will be taking a closer look at them, but I won’t be buying until I have a chance to try the new Chanel that are also due out soon. The quint I’m really looking forward to is Dior in Crush Glow. I’ve been very impressed with Dior’s new formulation. I have Extase Pinks and love how smooth and long lasting the colors are.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Eileen! 🙂 I’m very curious about the Vitalumiere–I may have to look at this during the weekend. I haven’t had consistent luck with YSL shadows in the past–some are beyond wonderful, some are less so. I agree looking at a counter works best. And, yes, isn’t a relief to see EL’s doing something new? I was hopeful with the Tom Ford and Michael Kors pairings, but I didn’t find anything in either collection that impelled me to buy. I’m crossing my fingers on this new palette.

  3. That Guerlain tinted moisturizer is tempting me. The irony is that I don’t own anything from Guerlain – this summer collection can start an obsession for me!

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