Lately, I’ve been loving Guerlain Parure Gold foundation ($78) in #2 Beige Clair, which I bought at a Guerlain boutique that had provided excellent service.

I’ve now used the product since January ’10, long enough to declare it a real winner.  For the record, I have skin that is highly break-out prone that is combination (oily t-zone, and normal-to-dry in other areas of the face).  I have been using Chanel foundations–most recently Pro Lumiere, Tient Innocence Fluid, Lift and sometimes the Double Perfection powder (typically, in Intensity 1.0/Cameo), depending on the look that I am trying to achieve.  Sometimes I use Laura Mercier’s mineral makeup system.  I have tried to use Dior Nude, which I loved, but had to discontinue when it broke me out.  I’ve tested several others but none have persuaded me to move from the variety of products that I already own.  As an aside, Parure Gold is the most expensive foundation that I’ve ever purchased.

Guerlain’s foundations promise rejuvenation, and in my world where stress, the environment, the sun and sometimes too-harsh skincare products are pretty normal, who doesn’t want that?   Guerlain’s website reads that it has “slipped a magical blend of Gold Radiance Pigments and Precious Rejuvenating Complex enriched with Oil of Myrrh into this fluid foundation. The pigments light up, smooth and correct the complexion instantly, and the complex revives the youthful radiance and vitality of the skin. Evanescent and supple, the wonderfully smooth texture glides over the skin, providing perfect light-weight coverage…”

The packaging is typical Guerlain luxury.  It’s housed in a black opaque container, but there is a clear window on the side to track how much is left. There is a gold-colored pump on the top to preserve the foundation and keep it from contamination.  The foundation lists an SPF 15+.  I typically apply this with my fingers, a few drops is sufficient to cover my face and any little concerns that I have.  I usually add Caron translucent powder.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Holy gorgeous skin.  It adds a believable level of luminosity and no more.  Without any glitter bits or metallic sheen, there is a soft brightness that looks natural.
  • The texture is really amazing–it seems to melt into the skin and make it better. No cakiness, just a very my-skin-but-better.
  • Extremely good coverage without using very much product.  I wonder if this foundation has a superior pigment in a very small bit of fluid?  If there are areas of concern on my face, I can build up more foundation there without the product turning cakey.
  • Lightweight.  My skin feels like it can breathe.  I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything.
  • No break-outs or pore-clogging.  Yes, I use an oil cleanser and a Clarisonic twice a week.  Still, there’s a noticeable clarity.
  • Extremely long-lasting.  This foundation powers through a sixteen-hour day like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and looks as fresh as the morning.  Seriously.  No shifting, no sliding, no caking up, no disappearing act.

Because of my oily t-zone, I do have to touch up with a powder on my forehead after five-six hours.  Parure Gold doesn’t promise to mattify, and I’ve always had to do that.  Overall, Parure Gold has been wonderful.  Highly recommended.

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