Apr 072010

Recently, I received three more Makeup For Ever HD Blushes ($25 each) to add to my growing collection.  I have been enjoying these colors so much and they are relatively inexpensive for the amount and quality of the product.  I love the fact that Make Up For Ever included a well-thought out range for an entire makeup wardrobe.

The most recent additions are Walk of Shame (#4), Mistaken Identity (#11) and Star Stuck (#14).  I’m completely in love with these blushes, I love their wear and flexibility.  My previous reviews, for Innuendo (#1) and Caught in the Act (#2), are here.  They last all day, are easy to wear and the colors are gorgeous.  If you work quickly enough, they’re very easy to sheer out (but watch that pump–it’ll spurt out way too much if you’re not careful).  They are highly pigmented–you will not need much!  They apply matte, but of course you can add whichever highlighter you wish.

Here are the swatches of the latest colors that I added:

Star Struck #14 is a beautiful neutral peach:

Walk of Shame #4 is a cool, bubblegum pink:

Mistaken Identity #11 is a lovely rose-brown:

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  2 Responses to “Make Up For Ever HD Blushes in Walk of Shame, Mistaken Identity and Star Struck”

  1. I am SO in love with Starstruck!

    • Mika_chan–I love it too! I wore it yesterday over a bronzer and it added a pretty peach touch of color. It’s gorgeous!

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