Apr 132010

Chanel’s Summer 2010 collection includes the “it” polish– Novelle Vague ($23) (Le Vernis Nail Color), which has a refreshing blue look that blends in a touch of green and silver for summer nails.

After wearing this for a few days, I’m loving its refreshingly different take on the summer classics.  Based on the French phrase that connotes “new wave,” this polish attracts attention.  The polish color does not go so far as some of the more striking neons available this summer, rather, it’s a soft-yet-strong blue that evokes the freshness and classicism of a Tiffany (or perhaps even robin’s egg) blue.  The silver microsparkle gives the polish dimension so that it does not look flat or cartoonish.  Although it’s a brighter shade, I feel completely confident wearing this without being concerned that its over the top.

I’ve read that this color is similar to China Glaze’s “For Audrey” polish, although For Audrey is a less dimensional creme formula that lacks any sparkle or shimmers.

Although Nouvelle Vague is a strong, light color, I found application was quite easy.  Nouvelle Vague requires 2-3 coats to reach full opacity, although it seems slightly more pigmented than last fall’s Chanel Jade.  Nouvelle Vague is going to look nice with a lot of the colors that I wear for summer–pinks, peaches, khaki’s, bronzes and greens.


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  6 Responses to “Chanel Summer 2010 – Nouvelle Vague”

  1. I think this is a shade that lighter skintone gals can get away with. I feel that it would look chalky on my darker skintone.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful summer colors out there and there are some real beauties this year. You’re right about not feeling over the top while wearing it. I think that’s because the blue is ever so slightly muted. It’s a sophisticated color and the subtle pearl shimmer gives it depth. Anyone who loved the beautiful, complex aspect of Chanel’s Jade will also fall in love with Nouvelle Vague.

  3. I want it too! Even after my bad experience with Vendetta (it is chipping about 2 hours after application and for a 18€ enamel, I DON’T WANT this effect!). Yesterday I went to the shop and… not there. The collection has still to come. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    • Platinum, I know from reading the nail board on Makeupalley that there are some that simply cannot wear the Chanel polishes–they chip terribly whether due to body chemistry or something else. I’ve never had Vendetta chip on me, for example, but there are some on that nail board who have. I do clean the nail and prepare with a basecoat first, and I wore Nouvelle Vague with no problems. Still, when the collection arrives you might dab on a nail or two at a counter and see how it goes before investing.

  4. Thank you very much, that’s interesting… I’ve never thought about that… although I have to say that usually I wear: base coat, 2 layers of Vendetta, top coat, drier coat. So, actually, the enamel doesn’t come in touch with my nails…

    • Well, that’s the same effect some of the nail boarder’s on makeupalley report. You may want to ask around there–there are a number of very savvy nail polish users who post the same thing as you. There may also be something about the chemistry of the base or top coat–some are really better with three free polishes, some with the more conventional nail polishes. It’s all very interesting. You might want to ask them whether anyone’s figured out a way around it.

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