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Chanel’s Summer 2010 included three lip products that fall within the category of neutral lips.  With a soft beige, peach and golden tones, these evoke a sophisticated glow that will look good on many shades of warm-toned wearers.  I’m less certain that cool-toned skin types will love them just as much.  Here’s a look:

Chanel Glossimer in Bikini Peach ($27) is a warm, sheer peach with golden glitters.  This has the typical Glossimer-gel feel, it’s easy to wear for those who do not want a strong color.  This gives a nice sophisticated glow either alone (my favorite way to wear a glossimer) or over a lipstick.  However, you would need more than one coat to see a strong peach color come through.

Single coat lip swatch:

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Bondi Beach ($27) has a much sheerer feel and wear compared to the Glossimer.  You get a more neutral beige tone, but these do tend to wear off somewhat quickly.  I have also had a few Aqualumiere gloss caps and containers split over my years of use, so you might be a bit more careful with the packaging on these.  If you tend to toss your glosses into your beloved Birkin/Marc Jacobs/LV/(insert bag of choice here) and head out for the day, you’ve been warned.

I like this gloss. On my pigmented lips, it tends to knock down the color down and add a layer of shine and a creamy-beige tone.  The Aqualumiere glosses are undeniably pretty, and that’s what makes me keep buying them despite the fact that I’m unhappy with the packaging.

No one is more surprised than me to report that of all of the neutral lip products from Summer 2010, I liked the Aqualumiere lipstick in Bondi ($28.50) best.  I don’t typically like Chanel’s Aqualumiere lipsticks–they feel dry to me and some of them have had flakes of glitter in them.  Yeah, ugh.  Fortunately, Bondi is a nice, neutral glowing lipstick that I’ll use frequently over the next few months.   Yes, you can layer this with the gloss–but I prefer easier looks for summer. Bondi works well with a single swipe, which is wonderful if you’re going to sipping water (or something else?) all summer long.

Swatches, swatches, swatches:

Chanel’s Summer 2010 Collection went up online at Chanel.com yesterday.  The lack of eyeshadow and liner products is curious, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen Chanel skip over those for a summer launch.  Chanel’s counter display has a repromote with the Demure quad shown, which makes me want to buy Demure (how did I miss that one before?) but that’s not a new quad.

There are two limited edition bronzers in the collection–Terre d’ore and Terre Halee ($50 each). I was able to play with these at a a counter over the weekend, but didn’t buy them (at least yet). Terre D’ore is a light golden bronze for the palest skin tones.  It’s a barely-there bronzer.  Terre Halee is a deeper color than Terre Epice, despite the appearance of the swatches on Chanel’s website.  It’s a pretty, neutral tan that’s going to work easily on the NC35’s and higher.  I’m paler than that, but I’m fearless when it comes to bronzers.  I didn’t purchase either because I have three other Chanel bronzers that will never end, including Terre Epice which is right in between the other two.  Seriously, I’ve had one of them since 2005 that I’ve use every day for months at a time and the level of product seems almost unchanged.  I can’t justify buying two more but we’ll see.

What will sell out first?  Nouvelle Vague nail polish and the Rouge Allure in Genial are my predictions.  What are yours?

Chanel’s site also added the three nail polishes from the Orient Extreme Exclusive Collection.  For the U.S., this will be a very limited release, only online and in the Chanel boutiques.  Where is the Jet – Gold eyeliner duo?  Why didn’t Chanel post that as well?  Who knows–the mysteries of Chanel’s online site have eluded many of us and will continue to do so. I called a Chanel boutique to get one of the eyeliners shipped to me.  Here’s some advice, if you get it use it wet.  It’s meant to be used wet.  No, seriously-go ahead, dab that brush in something before you dip!

Finally–the latest rumor that I heard about the new Chanel duo eyeshadows is that it will be released with the Fall Collection, although I have also heard that it would be earlier.  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until July but that might be the case.  And yes, according to the Sales Associate at my local counter, the current Irreelle duo’s are being discontinued.

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  8 Responses to “Chanel Summer 2010- The Neutral Lip Shades”

  1. I have been thinking about the Bondi Beach gloss since I saw it in person last weekend at Nordstrom but now I am hesitant after what you said about the packaging. But I am pretty careful with my glosses but I do have the tendency of dropping them on my bathroom floor.

    • Hi Lexi– They seem to do okay with normal drops–they don’t shatter. Instead, some of the curved plastic sides seem to stress out after a while and split. I’ve owned about a dozen of these and it’s happened to two of them. I thought it worth mentioning in my review–only you can decide but I think that I was relatively careful with my glosses and it still happened. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I thought it useful to relay my experience with these. Take care, Lexi! 🙂

  2. Thanks for that – I’ll let you know if I end up purchasing this gloss over the weekend. If it’s not this I am sure I will walk away of some kind of Chanel gloss or product 😉

  3. Hi Amy,
    So I went to the Chanel counter at Macy’s this morning to try these on. Bondi lipstick and gloss were way too light on me even with a liner. Ditto for Bikini Pink but I was determined to find a color that was good for office and also fun for Spring. So here’s my loot:

    lipliner – Natural
    Glossimer gloss – Wild Rose
    Rouge Coco – Romantique

    very playful pink lip that goes well with my purple inspired eyes today and I made new friends with the Chanel SA there. I’m trying to not let price tag of my purchases get me down – the color on my lips just makes me smile. And helps me forget what I just spent. Hahaha – a new addiction is born!

    • Yay! Thanks for posting Lexi! I love Wild Rose and Natural–wonderful choices. Next time I get to a counter, I’ll look for Romantique–it sounds soooooo pretty! Take care! 🙂

  4. I need to make a correction – the Romantic shade i purchased is actually from the Rouge Allure line. I am loving the case!

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