May 062010

Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Summer 2010 collection has a beachy theme—and what’s not to love about that?  Here’s a look at 360 ($18), meant to evoke a surfer’s move where the surfer and board spin around on the face of a wave.  Also, there’s a watery aqua blue look that evokes easy sweatshirts, sandals, sun, and sand.  Summer colors make me deeply happy, and I hope that 360 is around each and ever summer to keep doing so.  It’s sort of an aqua, but I think of this color as a sort of a heather blue–it has a touch of green and some sparkles if you look very close.

This polish evokes summers on the beach, the sun-faded look that fabric takes on after the cotton becomes comfortable enough to feel like an old friend, and no need for a watch because the surf is either right or it isn’t, and nothing else really matters.  Like all of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s polishes that I’ve tried, this one applies like an absolute dream.  It’s virtually opaque in a single coat and gets even lovelier on the second.  No need to worry about a third.

I love the fact that these say “summer” without any neon edge.  360’s color is both strong and subdued, not too obvious but not too shy either.

These have a Poshe topcoat with a full-on flash.  This washes out the color a bit but if you enlarge you’ll see some micro-sparkle:

This is with a mix of flash and natural light–this deeper color is more representative of how the polish looks in more natural lighting (although in some light the color goes to deeper almost-teal):

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  1. That color is beautiful with your skin tone. If I had not already purchased Nouvelle Vague, I might have been tempted by 360.

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