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NARS Summer 2010 includes a very small release of three Multiple Tints ($38), which are exclusively available online at NARS website.  These are sheer, almost gel-like tubes of color in a twist-up tube that can be used for a blush or lip color.  Unlike the Multiples, they have no bronzer effect and their highlighting effect is minimal.  They are meant to add a sheer wash of color.

This limited release has three choices– Beverly Hills is red-based, Turks & Caicos is orange-peach based.  I purchased Cadaqués, which is pink based, but looks fuchsia in the tube.

The traditional “NARS” lettering on the packaging had a cute–and very practical– touch with Cadaqués because it is printed with pink letters.  If you have other Multiples in your makeup collection, this helps distinguish this one from the others.

The color in the tube is very vibrant:

Once applied, this applies as a sheer wash of pink with a touch of shimmer.  This is several (10) swipes, and you can see that the color builds nicely on my arm.  However, applied to the cheeks, it only took 1-2 swipes to give me a healthy pink glow.  The product has a slight sheen when the light hits it.  The texture has a gel feel, not the opaque cream of the other Multiples. Click to enlarge:

This last one shows that these apply as a sheer wash of color–there are no shimmer or glitter bits in this product.  The sheen you see (especially the picture, above) is from the gel-texture in sunlight.  Again, click to enlarge:

These were taken with a combination of warm sunlight and flash.

I’m going to have check in later on the lasting power…

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  9 Responses to “NARS Summer 2010 Multiple Tint – Cadaqués (Fuchsia)”

  1. I love the idea of the gel sticks, I just wish they came in colors that were more wearable for me, like a pinky bronze or a peachy pink or a coral. The orange one looks *very* orange!

    • Yes for the price I will wait to see more swatcehes before ordering any more. Orange can go so wrong.

  2. Oooh! Very hot! I know these are an online exclusive right now, but do you think these will pop up at counters?

    • I’m not sure-I’m completely guessing but I hope they do as a Neiman or Saks “exclusive” like some other makeup companies do. It would be lovely to swatch more before committing! 🙂

  3. Ugh I am hoping that orange one will play nicely on me. Will you be swatching the other 2 colors?

    • Hi Lexi–I didn’t invest in all three so no, I won’t be swatching the other two. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  4. This looks so awesome it’s like what I expected the nars orgasm multiple to be but this is ten times better!! I’m going to invest in this lovely color as the swatch you showed is very pretty:) you should swatch it on your face to see how it turns out:)

  5. Try them on your lips! I just bought beverly hills today and it goes on very evenly and without the ugly uneven ring you can get with lip stains sometimes. I topped it off with Bobbi Brown’s lip balm and even after the balm wore off the color lasted through a nap, kissing and a shower! I was going to buy the cadaques but it was a bit too cool pink for me 🙂

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