May 182010

Wet n Wild has undergone massive changes in the last few months, replacing many of the permanent eyeshadows with the new Color Icon line, distinguished by a swirl pattern on the pan.  So far, these have been receiving rave reviews.  I was particularly interested in Nutty ($1.99), the taupe one.

Yes, a two-dollar taupe.  Who can resist?

Pan with the swirl imprint:

So, try to pick Nutty out of a line up of other taupes that range from $28 to $30.  This picture includes the following eyeshadows-which do you think is Nutty?

  • Edward Bess Intimate ($30)
  • Chanel Safari ($28.50)
  • Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 (discontinued legend; priceless)
  • Kose Addiction Flash Back ($32 or so, depending on the exchange rate with the Japanese Yen)
  • Wet n Wild Nutty ($1.99)

Are you as excited as I am? Can you tell which one is the two-buck taupe? C’mon try! Answers after the jump…

Did you guess right?  The correct answer is that Nutty is number 2!  The closest one to my eye is Chanel Safari, which is bit darker and more grey than Nutty.  Still, I was impressed with Nutty’s gorgeous pigmentation and shimmer.  For $2, you can’t go wrong.

Here the lineup with all the swatches named:

A few more views follow.  As you can see, Nutty is in the warm/brown side of the taupe spectrum.  It does not have the mauve/gray tones of the cooler taupes.

I think the shimmer and pigmentation hold their own pretty well.  If these are in your local drugstore, you may want to grab one.  I found this just this week at my local Rite Aid.

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  10 Responses to “Wet n Wild Nutty and a Taupe Challenge”

  1. Awesome review! Is it bad that I am lemming the Kose Addiction eyeshadow even more after seeing the swatches? WnW nutty is pretty as well. It almost makes the Edward Bess Shadow look…dare I say it? Cheap.

  2. Pink Sith– You need Flash Back! Now stop messing around and get it!

  3. This is a fantastic color and the price is certainly right. I had a Revlon shade that was close to this but I’m sure it was more than $2. Thanks for the info.


    Um yeah, I need that Addiction eyeshadow now. And the WnW! =)

  5. I love Addiction eye shadow and, although I try to avoid buying sight unseen, I have never been disappointed by the ones I’ve ordered. I have Crow, Neverland, and Flashback. Elvira, Flashback was made for you!

  6. wow that is impressive. I may have swing by Walgreen’s in a bit to satisfy my makeup urges…

  7. I *love* WnW’s Nutty! And I’m so happy to see your comparisons to HE lines, because it reminds me that not everything that is $$$ is the end-all, be-all … there are plenty of treasures to be found in the drugstore, too 🙂

    (Not to say that I don’t LIKE those other shades you swatched, mind you LOL …)

  8. FYI – i bought this at the Walgreen’s next to my office. I’ll have to report back to see how it wears on me. I love the pigmentation and how soft it is!

  9. Okay I’m wearing it today – it’s a nice shadow. I’m wearing it over MAC p/p in Groundwork just to make sure it would stay in place. I guess the real test is to wear without a base to get the true color and lasting power. Otherwise it’s the best $2.17 I have spent in a LONG TIME!

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