May 262010

Here come the Memorial Day discounts!

From May 26 through May 31, The Spirit Beauty Lounge is offering 15% off sitewide with.  Note that the standard ship rate is around $6 ship in the U.S.;  free ship is at an unfortunately high $100, but their shipping is fast and the samples are fun.  Although I’m not affiliated with this company, they have impressed me with the organic and natural products they carry, particularly RMS Beauty.  The line’s owner, Rose Marie Swift, has developed a safe, organic line that does wonderful things for my skin and looks gorgeous.

Here are some reviews of RMS Beauty on this site:

  • Entire line of RMS eyeshadow swatches are here.
  • Several Lip2Cheek swatches are here.
  • A detailed review of one of the hero products, the Living Luminizer is here.
  • A detailed review of Seduce Eyeshadow is here.

Here are some reviews of RMS Beauty on London Makeup Girl:

  • Smile Lip2Cheek and Seduce eyeshadow are here.
  • Here’s a 5 minute face with RMS beauty here.

What I find remarkable about RMS Beauty products is that they are easy and intuitive to use, look lovely, but most importantly seem to have significant skin care benefits built in.  Let me be clear, these aren’t the hidden, “is this really working?” benefits that you might see on a label, where you aren’t really sure what you are paying for helps.  These really do moisturize and make the skin look nicer, right away as I wear them.  Worth checking out, and if you are still unsure The Spirit Beauty Lounge has a sample ordering page so you can try several products first.

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