May 192010

I ordered some samples of RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek products, which are cream products meant to be used on cheeks and lips.  The top row are full-force pigmentation, and the lower row is a softer swatch so that you can see how the color blends out.  There are six (6) Lip2Cheek products in the line, however I have four here for your reference:

  • Muse: a shimmery nude that can be used to create a nude lip or nearly-there shimmer blush
  • Promise: a coral-brown
  • Illusive: rose-brown, for use as a nude blush or contour
  • Rapture:  brick-red

These take only the faintest touch of product to give plenty of color.  The pigmentation is such that the product should last a long time.  There is the faintest pleasant scent, probably from one of the organic ingredients or moisturizers used.  When applied to the lips, there is a soft lipgloss-feel.

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May 192010

I’ve reviewed RMS Beauty products before (here, here, and here) but was having a hard time finding swatches of their cream eyeshadows on the Internet.  Both the RMS Beauty website and The Spirit Beauty Lounge have respectable swatches, but I ordered a few samples to get a little better look.  I was able to get all of the cream eyeshadows.  There are six (6) in the line:

  • Lunar:  a soft luminous white-yellow-gold
  • Solar: A bright gold
  • Magnetic: metallic taupe with mauve undertones
  • Spark:  Golden red-brown
  • Myth: Deep red-brown
  • Seduce: Soft neutral brown with a hint of yellow

Here they are for your reference:

A closer look at them, three at a time (click for a larger view):

I find myself reaching for these more often than I thought I would–they are nice everyday shadows for a quick, beautiful look.  They apply easily with a finger or brush (I use a finger).  They are 100% organic and full of something magical that really moisturizes my lids nicely.  There can be slight creasing, but this easily brushed away with plenty of color left for the remainder of the day.

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May 182010

Wet n Wild has undergone massive changes in the last few months, replacing many of the permanent eyeshadows with the new Color Icon line, distinguished by a swirl pattern on the pan.  So far, these have been receiving rave reviews.  I was particularly interested in Nutty ($1.99), the taupe one.

Yes, a two-dollar taupe.  Who can resist?

Pan with the swirl imprint:

So, try to pick Nutty out of a line up of other taupes that range from $28 to $30.  This picture includes the following eyeshadows-which do you think is Nutty?

  • Edward Bess Intimate ($30)
  • Chanel Safari ($28.50)
  • Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 (discontinued legend; priceless)
  • Kose Addiction Flash Back ($32 or so, depending on the exchange rate with the Japanese Yen)
  • Wet n Wild Nutty ($1.99)

Are you as excited as I am? Can you tell which one is the two-buck taupe? C’mon try! Answers after the jump…

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May 172010

Chanel has recently posted the looks from the Ready to Wear 2010/11 which featured Cruise Wear and took place in St. Tropez.  As usual, Chanel was up to its creative self, allowing the models to arrive at the runway by little luxury boats.  How imaginative is this?

The models alighted from the ships, and gathered casually at the end of the runway before proceeding down a little street flanked by two little cafe’s topped with red awnings:

Arrival of the models:

The models then proceeded down a “runway” which was, in effect, the street which was next to the dock.  The looks were edgy, young and casual:

The makeup palettes were summer-simple, I could detect this summer’s Chanel Nouvelle Vague on a few of the fingertips:

Orange as an accent color looked amazing with the cool blue of Nouvelle Vague:

A few more looks that I couldn’t resist:

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Guerlain L’Instant d’un Rêve – Review and Swatches

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May 172010

This is the last post in a series about Guerlain’s recently-released single eyeshadows, featuring L’Instant d’un Rêve (The Instant of a Dream) (Ombre Eclat 1 Couleur L’Instant D’une Reve) ($35).   This one is also packaged in the irregular-square shaped bit of luxury, with the full mirror and little sponge applicator.

This is a soft brown that borders on taupe, with small multi-colored micro-sparkles.  It is one of those shadows that you can use up without really thinking about it, because it’s such a nice basic color.  I wore this as a single-color lid wash a few days last week–it looked quiet, subtle, polished and effortless.  I paired this with a matte ivory brown bone color, and either a black or dark brown eyeliner.  It’s a basic go-to eyeshadow that has a very pretty, glowy look to it.  You can be confident that this is always going to look appropriate.  On the other hand, it doesn’t have the drama of the greens, blues and oranges —but I’m pretty sure that goes without saying.

Pan shot:

Here is a swatch on the left, together with a comparison with Guerlain’s L’Instant d’un Emotion reviewed here:

The application is beautifully smooth and creamy for a powder eyeshadow.  Like the others, the pan is large enough (.12 oz. 3.6g) to last a long time.  Here is a comparison with a few other browns from my collection so that you can see the type of brown more clearly:  the brown side of Chanel’s Brun Express Irreelle Duo, MAC Brun and Shu Uemura’s ME Brown 810:

Lovely, yes?  It’s amazing how many shades of “brown” there are!

For reference, here are links to the remaining two in this series:  The shimmery-sparkle white L’Instant d’une Caresse and the white-peach shimmery smooth L’Instant d’un Baiser.

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May 162010

Featured in The New York Times Style Section here. According to the article, these are designed by Philippe Di Méo, who has an interesting eye for shape.  They are color-coded according to the region of the face they are to be used for (pink for face, blue and purple for eyes).  They can be held quite lightly at the pointed end for light application.  Also, they come with a cap that allows the brush to be stored bristles-down on a counter:

Prices are in the range of typical Sephora brushes (link is here), from about $14 to $40.  I haven’t played with these in store yet, but will update when I do.  I have a lot of respect for Sephora’s brushes, and am hoping that these maintain the quality of the rest of their line.

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May 142010

Guerlain L’lnstant d’une Émotion ($35) is a large pan on multi-dimensional deep grey powder eyeshadow.  Of the four released by Guerlain recently, this is the most smooth, pigmented and multi-dimensional.  Therefore, it is my favorite.

Although I don’t usually like darker eyeshadows, every collection needs to have a few and this is a beautiful one to have.  Like the others, it is packaged in a beautiful square gold that is nicely engineered and easy to hold.  As you might expect, it is subject to fingerprints but the little dips and waves seem nicely placed to allow a nice grip on the container so that it will not be dropped.

L’lnstant d’une Émotion is a charcoal color with mulit-color shimmer.  The pigmentation is beautiful–it applies easily.  The shimmer is so small that it does not have any sparkle or gritty feel.  Rather, the shimmer is part of the shadow.  Here is a picture of its pan gorgeousness:

Here is a swatch of the single.  As you can see, this is charcoal rather than a black.  This was taken in sunlight, so there is a little gold cast to it:

Here is a comparison with some other grays in my collection taken with an indoor flash.  The color is more neutral here and looks more like the color does in every day light.  The comparisons are between the shimmery Chanel Silvery, the matte Chanel Ebony and the very deep grey (almost black) Shu ME Black 990 that has tiny microsparkles:

Bottom line:  Worth checking out if you like neutrals with a little drama.

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May 132010

Guerlain recently released L’Instant d’un Baiser (Ombre Eclat 1 Couleur  L’Instant d’un Baiser)($35), an eyeshadow single with a name that translates to “The Instant of a Kiss.”  As with the other Guerlain singles, the pan is a large .12 oz (3.6 g), which is more than twice the amount of product of a typical MAC eyeshadow, and about 1/3 more than a Chanel single.  The packaging is Guerlain luxury, with a smooth gold square outside and mirror in the inner lid, plus a sponge applicator (does anyone use these?).

Compared to L’Instant d’une Caresse, L’Instant d’un Baiser is much more smoothly textured and warmer/peachier in tone.  L’Instant d’un Baiser does not have the shimmer bits of L’Instant d’une Caresse, and L’Instant d’un Baiser applies much more consistently.  Both apply as very light colors, typical of a browbone highlighter, inner corner highlighter or a sheer wash to brighten the lid area.  Of the two, I prefer L’Instant d’un Baiser–this may be because I am warm-toned, although in the end I believe the texture is better.

Here is a picture of L’Instant d’un Baiser in the pan:

Here is a comparison between L’Instant d’une Caresse and L’Instant d’un Baiser:

Finally, here is a comparison between L’Instant d’un Baiser and some other peachy shades in my collection.  As you can see, L’Instant d’un Baiser applies much more lightly in tone.  By comparison, Chanel Abricot melts into the skin in a more subtle way.  Lorac’s Mesmerize is a deep peachy tone.  Typical of MAC, Say, Yeah (this was an LE veluxe pearl) brightly captures the light yet gives quite a bit of color saturation:

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May 122010

Via Lushious Beauty, here are some preview pictures of Chanel’s Fall 2010 Collection.

This collection is designed for non-U.S. markets–we can only hope that the U.S. versions will be just as beautiful!  This theme is built around the Joues Contraste Blush–one of my favorite beauty products. Here’s a link to my reviews of several from that line.  These new ones look very intriguing:

The line also includes some Glossimers, two nail polishes (Jade Rose is back!), an Inimitable mascara in a violet-purple color, two eyeshadow singles and, of course, an eyeshadow quad to compliment the other colors in the line:

I suspect that the U.S. version will have similar colors, but the familiar rounded square pans and the powder texture, rather than the round baked version pictured here:

From the pictures, these appear to be the Rouge Coco formula:

A nude eye pencil (Yay! Chanel has needed one of these!) and an amethyst eyeliner:

Three new Joues Contraste? I die!

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May 122010

I noticed that I’ve acquired a few pink blushes in either a liquid, cream or stain, so I thought that I’d post some comparisons of the following:

  • Nars Cadaques Multiple Tint
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink
  • Benefit’s Posie Tint (this was a small version that was included in a recent Sephora value set)
  • Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush in Walk of Shame #4

It was surprised how differently all of these swatch.  NAR’s Cadaques is translucent with a sheen, it gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow that looks “natural but nicer.”

Posie Tint is the most sheer, and has stain-like liquidity compared to the others.  You need quite a bit more product with the Posie Tint to build up a real pink on my NC15 skin.

Make Up For Ever’s Walk of Shame is the lightest, is highly pigmented and applies matte.  Walk of Shame has a very cool blue-undertone compared to the others.  You need barely any product to get the right look with this.

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink is very easy to wear– a few dabs and it looks very natural.  Pale Pink is the deepest pink of all of them, and looks almost like a medium-pink compared to the others.

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