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Tom Pecheux, Genius (photo from Estee Lauder)

Tom Pecheux is a makeup artist who is a new Creative Director at Estée Lauder, and is charged with introducing new visual and technological elements to Estée Lauder’s line.  Says Pecheux,

My role is to work with various departments including Creative, Product Development and Marketing to help create new cosmetics. Technology is always moving forward, and women are always looking for the best and the latest in their products. Now we refer to beauty as a fashion accessory, and fashion is moving very fast. If a cosmetics company doesn’t move fast, it can get lost in the shuffle. It is essential that a company specializing in beauty is up to speed with the current trends in fashion, and that is precisely why my collaboration with Estée Lauder is such an ideal fit. I’m working with Estée Lauder to help create the very latest in beauty products that are fun, playful, sexy and beautiful.

I must admit that, as large as my makeup collection is, I owned no Estée Lauder products.  Pecheux changed my opinion of the line completely.  While in Paris, I was able to see his Pure Color Night collection, which includes three limited edition products.  Although the line was originally intended only for release in Paris, this source discloses that Estée Lauder has since decided to release the products on a very limited basis in London and New York.

For the Pure Color Night line, Pecheux attempted to recreate Parisian beauty for evening:  “I am known for making women look beautiful, sensual and sexy. When given the challenge to create a collection exclusively for Paris, I thought it would be perfect to create a nighttime look, because this is when every French woman wants to look her most beautiful. I wanted to translate the seductiveness and femininity of French women into makeup,” says Pecheux.

I purchased two products–the Luminous Highlighter (roughly $40 U.S.) and the Naughty Black eyeshadows (roughly $20 U.S.).  I skipped the third piece of Pure Color Night, a neutral toned lipgloss. It is difficult to describe the quality of these products because they are unlike anything that I have encountered before.  The words “finely milled,” “soft” and “pigmented” are words that have a meaning to me from Chanel, Shu Uemura and other high quality lines.  These Tom Pecheux pieces are on an entirely new level.  I literally gasped when I saw the these powders interact with skin.

The Luminous Powder comes in a luxurious blue-black translucent case, embossed with the Estée Lauder logo:

Inside is a large pan of a golden-peachy toned highlighter, mirror and a large sponge applicator (why a sponge? I’m not sure):

Although this looks rather unremarkable in the pan, the texture, transparency and luminosity of this powder is unbelievable.  It is the most finely milled of the finely-milled powders.  It adds an effect that adds a sheer wash of light only, without the color or texture of other highlighting powders.  The texture is so soft that a soft brush seems to tear up the surface of the pan–like a delicate petal of a flower.  It gives a nearly-transparent wash on my cheek, I wore it with a soft peach blush (but it would look amazing with a nude blush or contour powder).  It gave my cheek a beautiful, natural-but-better sheen.

Sheer, luminous powders are notoriously difficult to photograph.  Their magic lies in the fact that they look entirely natural, and impart a lit-from-within glow.  I gave it my best attempt, applied heavily next to two other popular highlighting powders, Nars Albatross and Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Nude. You can see that Tom Pecheux heavily applied seems transparent, adding glow while melting into the skin.  There’s no obvious sparkle that appears with most highlighting powders–rather, the soft gold sheen is so beautiful.  It does not have any metallic look that sometimes occurs with liquid highlighters.

I will say this as simply as I can–I am going to take very seriously anything that Tom Pecheux does from now on. If this product is any guide, he is the next makeup formulation genius to watch.

Tomorrow, I’ll review his Pure Color Night eyeshadow in Naughty Black.

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  11 Responses to “Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder Pure Color Luminous Powder”

  1. If I didn’t already own 93475034570347 powder highlighters I would SO get this one! I have to stop looking at the pictures b/c the longer I star and the more I see the words “melting into the skin” the more I want this!

  2. If this is a preview of what’s to come for Estee Lauder then I’m paying attention. I do not own any EL products and honestly I never had. I always looked at their products but I was never swept away by anything to actually purchase. However, if this highlighting powder were at my local Nordstrom I would have bought it by now. I’m excited to hear about the Naughty Black trio – that also sounds like something I would own. And I have enough nude/milky pink glosses to last me 2 lifetimes!

    If this does make it to NY, I am considering doing a phone order. I am just hoping this highlighter would do something for me. Right now I am loving NARS Albatross. I also picked up the Chanel Soleil highlighting liquid per your review – LOVE that too.

  3. I am looking forward to tomorrow, dying to see your review. I like EL , got some really niceeye shadows and lipsticks from them. This highlighter is amazingly beautiful.

  4. Aw crap. I’m calling Bergdorf tomorrow and placing an order.

    By the way, I absolutely adore Estee Lauder makeup and have quite a lot of it. It’s totally underrated, and is outstanding quality. You need to try the cream eyeshadows!

  5. Amy – this is stunning! I have this on a presale and can’t wait to get the collection! It looks lovely on your skin. Thanks for the amazing review/write up on this! I agree with Lexi – if this is the type of revamp EL is going to have, then it has my attention now too.

  6. If I’m the eyeshadow master, then you are the master of making me cry in a corner because I have a foot-long list of things to buy in Bergdorf =D

  7. I am very impressed by your review and enjoying more and more your blog. Love what you are saying about the highlighter. How would you compare the level of shimmer versus for exemple bobbi Brown shimmer blush or bobbi Brown illuminating powder. I can see that this is much more subtle than shimmerbrick but was wondering how it would compare to the two others which have more of a glow/sheen finish.

    • Unlike the Bobbi Brown, the Tom Pecheux adds almost no color. Also, for the Estee Lauder Tom Pecheux, you will see almost no visible glittery bits, so the look is much more natural and glowing. The Tom Pecheux melts with the skin more than Bobbi’s, it is less obvious and more natural. I hope this helps! 🙂

  8. You surely helped, going to le bon marché tomorow, exactly what I was needing… Strangely we did not hear much about this collection in Paris, I guess that the problem when you want to be too exclusive, noone knows about it…

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