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Guerlain’s Terracotta line arrives completely renewed this year, with reformulated lipglosses.  You may already be familiar with the former glosses, in creamy golden and earthen tones with a high glitter factor.  These had names like “Caramel Sun,” “Beige Sun” and “Pink Sun.”  They are beautiful glosses, in their little clear cases and the golden-topped wands that look similar to the tops of the Terracotta Eye Kohls.  KarlaSugar has swatched the former line here.

This year, Guerlain has reformulated the Terracotta glosses, giving them a new look.  The former glosses have been pulled out of the stores, replaced with these smoother, silkier, and less glittery replacements.  The new glosses are less sticky, feel lighter on the lip, and include moisturizers and antioxidants to condition lips exposed to the sun.

Also, Guerlain has added SPF 15 protection.  The sparkle factor has been almost eliminated–there is a tiny microshimmer that is barely visible unless you look extremely close to the product.  The almost metallic look of the former glosses has been replaced with a more natural, more sophisticated look.

Here is a look at the former packaging (left), compared to the new (right):

The gloss tubes no longer have the familiar gold tops.  Rather, they have a new look, using a darker metal.  When closing the new gloss, there is an audible “click” that assures you that the gloss has been definitively closed.  I love this feature.

The most dramatic change is the texture of the gloss.  Here is a comparison with two older glosses (left) and the new gloss (on the right, #4, Ambre).  You can immediately see that glitter in the older ones is comparatively quite large and obvious.  Ambre’s glitter is barely detectable; instead, you have more traditional, yet beautiful, deep warm rose that looks lovely when wearing bronzer and summer tones.

Here is an on-the-lip swatch of Guerlain’s #4 Ambre.  The lips look very natural, without the metal/glitter of the former gloss:

Here is #4 Ambre:

My verdict– The new version is a welcome change.  The earlier ones seemed appropriate when they were released.  Just as fashion changes, so do makeup looks.  The new gloss feels very silky and smooth on the lips, unlike the former ones which could feel a tad gritty.  These feel very moisturizing.  I like having the SPF protection and, let’s face it, the colors in this new release are gorgeous.

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  4 Responses to “Guerlain’s Terracotta Gloss- The Reformulation”

  1. Wow, that’s really a sea-change for the Terracotta glosses! I’m excited about the new formula, and Ambre looks like perfection. Thanks for the review!

  2. Love that Ambre color too.

  3. I did get a chance to swatch these at Neimann’s last month. I bought a Dior Rouge de Serum instead and now I’m wishing I bought the Guerlain glosses instead. Unfortunately the Rouge de Serum does the opposite to my lips – makes them raw and chapped. This gloss looks really nice and comforting on the lips!

  4. Although all of the new terracotta glosses are beautiful, I think #04 is the true gem. The Guerlain SA told me it seemed to be the most popular one and I can easily see why. It’s a beautiful copper rose color that has a soft pearl finish. Worn on its own, it’s perfect for that effortless, casual summer look. For a more polished look, I like to wear it over Rouge Coco in Ruban Rose. It’s a lovely combination.

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