Chanel Vert Khaki Soft Touch Eyeshadow ($28) (Ombre Essentielle/ Ombre a Paupieres Mono Douceur) is a beautiful, deep and complicated green.  As with Chanel’s Taupe Grisé eyeshadow single, the pigmentation is superb.  It is soft and shimmery, but not over the top.   It leaves a very flattering, deep green when applied to the lid.  It is a beautiful deep khaki green eye shadows.

There is a very fine multi-colored microshimmer infusing this product in addition to the shimmery, finely-milled powder of Vert Khaki.  These are quite tiny and difficult to see with the naked eye, but do add to its dimensionality and depth.

Compare the pan in the picture, below, with its reflection in the mirror.  Can you see how one eyeshadow pan is lighter/darker than the other?  You can see how the shadow reacts beautiful to slight changes in light.

When Chanel announced this eyeshadow, many Chanel aficionados wondered whether this duplicated Chanel’s existing eyeshadow single Khaki 53, which was released in 2006 and has been part of the permanent collection ever since.  After testing them both, Vert Khaki 88 is a darker, richer color than Khaki 53. They would probably look quite beautiful together for an shimmery khaki eye:

My thoughts: Yes, yes…. a thousand times yes.  I believe this will work with a variety of skin tones and eye colors.  It is a beautifully pigmented, deep rich color that is absolutely gorgeous.  It is typical Chanel to release an eyeshadow quad and two or three related singles.  The difficulty (or the delight) of these Chanel releases is whether to get the quad, or both singles.  With Fall 2010, the colors are related but different enough so the decision for me was easy–get them all.  Enigma includes shades that are special and unique, while Taupe Grise and Vert Khaki are both shades more suited to everyday use.

According to an email from, Vert Khaki is a limited edition product.

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