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Chanel’s Les Contrastes collection includes Pink Explosion #64 Joues Contraste Blush ($42) (Fard a Joues Poudre Powder Blush).  I knew that I would love Pink Explosion before I ever saw it, when I called Bergdorf’s counter in New York City and they had sold out.

Let’s review here.  First, it’s Chanel.  Second, it’s called “Pink Explosion.”  Third, Bergdorf’s sold out in one week.  The evidence was piling up pretty fast.

Yes, I know that this blush is not the same as the U.S.-textured Joues Contrastes of the past.  Yes, I can see that there are tiny glitter bits in the pan.  And Chanel has released two incredible cool pinks already- Narcisse and Turbulent.  Bobbi Brown makes fabulous pinks.  And don’t get me started on Shu Uemura’s Glow-ons.  That’s tough competition.

Chanel Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion is medium deep cool pink.  Pink Explosion is between Narcisse (light, less pigmented) and Turbulent (deeper, more pigmented). And I have been hoping for a blush like Pink Explosion for a long, long time.

I happen to love cool pinks.  My skin tone is light (NC15/Cameo) and warm.  When I wear foundation, a cool pink stands out from my warmer skin tone.  It brings out the blue in my eyes.  When I wear bronzer, it gives some needed coolness to the warmth of the bronzer.  It keeps me from looking too warm.

Your coloring and preferences may vary from mine, but personally, I love Pink Explosion.  I find it gives me a very fresh, glowing look that is noticeable but not overwhelming.  I applied this with a MAC blush brush and was very pleased with the results.  I can see using this one up.

Swatch applied with a blush brush:

Heavy swatch:

If you are considering investing in Pink Explosion, you may already know that not all bloggers are in agreement about Pink Explosion.  For example, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book, who I respect, gave Pink Explosion a less than satisfactory review.   For me, Narcisse was too light and Turbulent too pigmented (and therefore difficult to work with).  I find Pink Explosion a stunning pink that is very easy to use, looks very polished, but has a little fashionable kick that I really love.

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  10 Responses to “Chanel Fall 2010- Pink Explosion Joues Contraste Blush”

  1. Hi Amy,
    Just wanted to give you my Chanel updated – so far picked up Paradoxal nail polish and Vert Khaki single shadow, which I wore for a quick and easy smoky eye for saturday – LOVING this shade. I may go back for the Taupe. I didn’t get to try out the blushes but I promised the SA that I would at least give the blushes a try next time I’m back for my Cassis pencil and I’m torn between two glossimers. I didn’t even get to check out the quartet yet – she didn’t get the tester on her counter just yet. I’m DYING!!

    • Lexi–thanks for the update–I need to go back and look at the lip products and Cassis too–such a nice collection from Chanel this time around! Thanks for the update–I’m glad you like Paradoxal and Vert Khaki–and I bet Paradoxal will sell out fast!

  2. Amy – you are such a beautiful girl, I wish you showed us how it looked on your face! 😛

    Fantastic post as always, very descriptive and I love that you give links. Now I have to decide whether to get this or the medium blush… when it finally gets here… just talked to a SA at the local beauty store and she seemed rather confused. “Oh, uh, sometime towards the end of this month… or was it August? I dunno, guess you’ll just wait for it?”

    • Eta–Thanks, I’ll see if Liz (the girl who you see on this board) will do a face picture. How frustrating to talk your SA! Honestly, I get almost all my beauty news from blogs, my readers and makeupalley.com. I hope you see the Chanel soon!

      • It’s not you?! How embarrassing, did I not read thoroughly enough? I thought I read you have blue eyes and warm complexion.

        I just found a post that says “I asked my daughter Liz…” – at least I complimented your beautiful baby daughter, then! 🙂 My mom isn’t half the beauty product nerd that I am growing up to be, but I love giving her a good bottle of polish and Dior lipsticks… she had used Lancôme Mascaras when she was my age, but had grown too sensitive to use them anymore.

        I had only used MUA.com for the reviews search alone and didn’t think to look for more on the site. Thank you for the recommendation, definitely adding the index to my bookmarks.

        • No worries Eta! I appreciate your comment–she is my daughter and our coloring is very similar. We even wear the same foundation shades! 🙂

  3. Amy, lovely review. I think myself and one other Chanel friend I correspond with are the 2 lone Chanel fans who don’t love the new blushes for fall, lol. We like, just not love. You gave a great description of Pink Explosion. It is definitely a good solution for those who find Narcisse and Turbulent are a bit off for their skintones. I have to use each with different pressure on my blush brush because like you, Narcisse can be a bit powdery sometimes and Turbulent can be WHOA intense sometimes as well.

    • Thank you for your post Sabrina!! I completely respect your point of view–these are different than the pressed powder glowier U.S. Chanel! I think my love for this blush comes from wanting a Chanel medium pink for so long–it’s a color that I love. I own several cool pinks. Also, my very first Chanel Joues Contraste was in this format–that is how they used to make all of them. It was my first high end makeup–I bought it with this amazing jewel-like eyeshadow palette with a deep teal and a deep green in it. Ah well…the nice thing about makeup is that we can all find something to love! 🙂

  4. Sabrina, you’re not alone. I tried the new blushes and was very disappointed. They’re so beautiful in the pans, but I wasn’t crazy about the silver glitter. My skin is just too dry to support the fairy dust which is a real shame because I adored Pink Explosion–until I actually tried it on. 🙁 Between the baked formula and silver sparkles, there was just a bit too much fallout. Fortunately, Chanel’s fall collection has so many other beauties from which to choose. I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed with the Enigma quad, Cassis eye pencil and Chintz lipstick which all found their way into my Nordstrom’ bag.

    Amy and Sabrina, you two ladies have provided excellent and balanced reviews of the collection. Your pictures and swatches have been just great and your descriptions have been thoughtful and accurate. Thanks to the both of you!

  5. OK, I wore my own new Pink Explosion to the gym today and I love it. Beautiful pink, perfect pink. I love the other 2 new ones, too, even Plum Attraction, as long as it is applied with a light hand–just as you said first, dear Amy!

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