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Chanel’s Fall 2010 collection includes several clear pink and peach-toned colors to compliment the smoky eyeshadows and deeply colored blushes that are in this same release.  One of the ones that caught my eye is Pink Teaser Glossimer #142 ($27)(limited edition).  Pink Explosion is the most opaque gloss from this collection and has a similar medium pink feel as Pink Explosion blush.

Chanel Glossimers have a gel-like texture that has dimension and staying power without a sticky feel.  When someone asks me for a duplicate for a Chanel Glossimer, I cannot answer them.  If you own any, you already know that they have a depth and dimension that I have not found in less expensive glosses. Glossimers have no scent or smell.

Here, Liz is wearing Chanel Lift Lumiere foundation in Ivoire (Intensity 1.0) topped with Caron translucent powder, Maybelline Colossal mascara, Prestige Total Intensity liner in Deepest Black, along with Chanel Pink Explosion blush and Pink Teaser Glossimer.

This shows Pink Explosion blush, where Liz applied this lightly to the apples of the cheek to give a glow:

Both Pink Teaser and Pink Explosion are universal colors that can be worn year-round.  Both seemed fine to wear yesterday, even in July.  Of course, these colors will look beautiful in the Fall and Winter, when paired with the deeper smoky colors of those seasons.

Karlasugar has swatched the rest of Chanel’s Fall 2010 lip collection here.

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  17 Responses to “Chanel Fall 2010: Pink Teaser Glossimer and Pink Explosion Blush”

  1. Pink Teaser ended up looking very coral on me. It’s not what I was going for so I passed on it. It looks very sweet on your daughter combined with Pink Explosion blush.

  2. oh my goodness. your daughter looks stunning, so stunning that i am tempted to buy me the lip gloss and the blush even though i had no interest in chanel’s fall collection except for vert khaki and cassis.

  3. Hi!: I really like that glossimer. I totally agreewith you about Chanel Glossimers. They are my lipgloss of choice and I have never been able to find a dupe for any color I own. I might have to get this glossimer. I skipped them in the collection because I wanted the new blushes so badly, but I might have to dig deep and pick up this one!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Great application, too, and an encouraging post. The more I see on your blog, the more I must buy from the LE when it comes to Europe. I’ve heard about Glossimers being fantastic, but never dared pick one up myself. It looks very natural on Liz.

  5. This blush is good for everyday because it applies pretty lightly– it sortof reminded me of their quilted blushes. I love the blush but I wish it was a bit more “explosive”.. It is a safe bet if you are trying to avoid “the MAC-forcefield”. The glossimer is awesome, obviously!!

  6. Liz is so beautiful!
    Thank you for the photos, I have very similar skin and hair color and now going to consider purchasing both products very thoroughly: they are a bit expensive for me, but look stunning!

  7. Thank you for your lovely blog and the model looks so nice in those colors! You are very correct about Glossimers. Many people ask me all the time, why glossimers? I now have a better way to explain, “the depth, dimension, and staying power.”

  8. Thank you for the photos, they are lovely. I am seriously considering getting a chanel blush, I duped the Benefit *Dallas* for the plum and thought it was close. Is there an all around color in the chanel you would recommend for a kind of pale person? Every bronzer out there is too dark for me except for Dior healthy, and thanx for the swatch of Guerlain terracotta fard, you had it first.

  9. Oh, to be young and beautiful! Liz is beyond gorgeous. That pink Explosion was made for her and Pink Teaser is such a lovely compliment.

    I had bought the Rouge Coco in Chintz and ended up going back to get the Glossimer in Petit Peche when I realized I didn’t already have a coordinating Glossimer at home. While at the counter, I caved and also ended up getting the Rouge Coco in Rose Dentelle and the coordinating Glossimer in Rose Dilemma. You certainly don’t have to do the lipstick/gloss combination, but putting the two together really intensifies the beauty of the colors.

    Amy, your reviews, swatches, and pictures of your lovely daughter have been just great. I’m so glad to have found your blog.

  10. Absolutely stunning. Your daughter is beautiful!

  11. […] shimmah! Lawd it’s gorgeous! On someone with more pigmented lips, it presents as a soft pink. Cafe Makeup has a pic. A semi-opaque, it’s the most pigmented of all the new glossimers and brightens the […]

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