Jul 092010

My choice from MAC’s recent In the Groove collection was the Mineralized Skin Finish in By Candlelight ($28).

I though this was the prettiest piece in this rather enormous release.  Sadly, it’s limited edition but hopefully you will be able to find this for a few more days. As this story at The Beauty Look Book explains, Stereo Rose sold out quickly.  Many makeup lovers were very upset, there were apparently backorders, cancelled orders and general frustration.  The product was out of stock less than two hours after it went online at Mac’s online site.  Lucky for me, I found Stereo Rose too orange and shimmery for my pale skintone back when I bought it in 2005.  I no longer even know where it went; I may have given it to Liz but even she isn’t sure where it could be.  In any event, if you are in our skintone range, I personally do not believe that you missed out if you were not able to get Stereo Rose.

On to happier things!  By Candlelight is beautiful.  It was released about six months ago with the Warm and Cozy collection, but I missed it then. This time, I tried it in my local MAC store and loved the effect.  By Candlelight is a luminous, pink-peach baked powder that gives my NC15 skin a glow.

Swatches of the rosy-peachy-pearliness, which I find to be really lovely…

I did a comparison with Les Tissages Lamés de Chanel, Physician’s Shimmer Strips in Malibu (the full palette, and then just the peachier shade) and Estee Lauder’s recent Pure Color Luminous Powder (designed by Tom Pecheux):

  • By Candlelight is the pinkest of all.
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Luminous Powder is the least obvious–it seems to become part of the skin leaving only light-reflection behind.
  • The Chanel adds a gold color to the skin, but doesn’t seem to emphasize the tiny lines in my skin
  • Physician’s Formula had the most color (center), and seems to emphasize lines I didn’t even realize I had.

Same swatches, different angle:

MAC’s By Candlelight is sometimes compared to Dior’s Amber Diamond. As you can see, By Candlelight has more pink tones:

I’m pleased with By Candlelight, although it will be very difficult me to give up Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Luminous Powder as my #1 favorite.  Nonetheless, I’ll get plenty of use out of MAC’s By Candlelight.

As an aside, I passed on the rest of the In the Groove Collection.  I found the other mineralized skin finishes seemed too shimmery/metallic for my personal preferences.  The eyeshadows and lip products seemed very nice, but I’m more interested in exploring other lines products currently.

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  3 Responses to “MAC By Candlelight- Swatches and Comparisons”

  1. By Candlelight is such a perfect name! It seems to have a warm and lovely soft-focus glow to it. I’ll have to go take a look. My complexion is fair and peach-toned so I think it would work for me. Believe me, at my age I’m all about glow and luminosity rather than sparkle and glitter. I had to laugh at your comment about discovering wrinkles you didn’t even know you had when using the P’s F product. Been there, seen that, done that 🙂

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