Jul 102010

MAC’s Alice + Olivia collection includes Later ($19.50), a multidimensional off-black.  If you swatch this in a store, you will probably not choose this. It was only after I used the product wet that I found its magic.

I have a strong love of black eyeshadows, they can really add some beautiful effects when used properly.  I also love off-blacks, those eyeshadows that have either a duochrome or other flash of color.  Later is a neutral-with-a-kick.

Later’s magic is a duochrome blue-purple that comes out most strongly used wet.  Here it is, compared with two other off-blacks in my collection, Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant D’une Emotion.

Shown in strong sunlight, you can see the multidimension color of Later used wet–primarily a purple with touches of blue.

This picture shows Later’s duochrome most strongly along with the glitter bits (Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant d’une Emotion do not have glitter).

Like Partylicious, Later was produced in very limited qualities so don’t wait long if you like it.  This is not an everyday shadow, but it can be used to create some drama on an otherwise neutral eye (or really amp up something colorful!).  As an aside, I skipped the other pigment in this collection (If It Sparkles), a pink sparkle shade, as not something that I’d likely wear.  Also, it seems close enough to MAC’s permanent Pink Opal for my purposes.

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  5 Responses to “MAC Alice + Olivia Later”

  1. Those are wonderful side-by-side swatches. Thanks, Amy. Later is beautiful wet. Did you use fixative or water? Was there much fall out? I love Addiction’s Neverland and Crow–smooth, finely milled, and no fall out. For those who have not seen Crow, it’s the same type of blackened shadow as Neverland but it’s blue instead of green. They’re two of my current favorites for dramatic evening looks. Perhaps Later will join them 🙂

  2. Lovely swatches and great info. I panicked when I saw it sold out online. Luckily I managed to get one at my MAC store. I picked up the light opal one since I don’t have Pink Opal. It seems a bit less pinkish than Pink Opal. I think Later will be lovely for evening. I’m going to wear it out tomorrow night 🙂

  3. I may have to make a special trip to my nearest MAC store – I really do like working with their pigments. I need to turn it up a notch and try it wet. Can i just use a moist eyeliner brush or is it better to use with the mixing medium? I need THAT too.

    • If you are just playing with using them wet, water is fine. If you have Visine on hand, even better since it is made for use around the eye. I found Mixing Medium seems to give me slightly longer wear and seems to bring out the best in the pigments, but the difference is really marginal. The good news is that Mixing Medium is not very expensive–it sells for around $10-12 or so. Thanks for the question Lexi! 🙂

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