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Butter London has just released All Hail McQueen ($14.00), in honor of genius designer Alexander McQueen.  This is a taupe based shade has a holographic quality, which in my mind evokes the legendary runway moment when McQueen projected a holographic image of Kate Moss to an awe-struck crowd.  If you haven’t seen this moment, this video tells the story:

The polish has tiny shimmers which react strongly to changes in light.  Here are a few pictures, this one in neutral light:

You can see tiny sparkles suspended in the taupe.  These pictures were taken with the polish applied in three coats, over CND Stickey Base Coat and topped with Essies Good to Go:

In shade, the sparkles appear silvery:

In warm direct sunrise light, the polish sparkles flash orange, gold, green and a few other colors that are hard to identify:

This polish is currently available as part of Butter London’s Fall Collection on their website. (This is not a paid link, this is simply inserted for your convenience).

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  19 Responses to “Butter London – All Hail McQueen Holographic Taupe Nail Lacquer”

  1. That is beeeeyooootiiiful! Oh I need this in my life. x

  2. OMG – I NEED this!!

  3. Did you say Holographic?
    Did you say Taupe?
    OMG. This is a stunning polish. It almost reminds me of Nubar Gem from the Prisims collection.
    You have lovely nails and take great photographs. You should do more nail polish posts!

  4. This is amazing!!! Thanks so much for the pics. Does anyone know where I could find swatches of the other colors in this collection?

  5. GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Amy-
    That looks so beautiful on you! I just ordered this and Marrow on Sat. They have not arrived yet and I am dying to get them!
    Did you get Marrow too? Will you post it?

    • No I’m sorry to say this is the only Butter London I own–but now I want Marrow and the new blue too! I may have to order them but haven’t yet–I’d love to know how you like Marrow! 🙂

  7. Amy-
    I will let you know when I receive it and send you a pic!

  8. This looks very gorgeous on your nails. I hope it becomes available in Europe soon – this is a very friendly taupe.

    • I hope so too Eta!! 🙂 It’s a nice color, not too heavy and the effect is interesting! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

      • I hear at Makeup4All that it already is! Well, with a company already titled Butter LONDON… I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Time to get ordering!

        I forgot to say last time I commented, I really appreciate your excellent swatch photography! It’s such a pleasure to view!

  9. Wow, I am totally 100% sold on this polish. Not only is it gorgeous and holographic, I love the tribute to McQueen! Buying this as soon as I get home from work!

    • Nicole–I’m so touched that Butter London made this–I think of his brilliance when I catch the holo effect! 🙂

  10. WOW. I absolutely love this color. It is my favorite that I’ve seen recently. I must have it! I love the glitter and the shade. So nice. Thanks for the review and for creating a new lemming. 🙂

    • Exactly Melissa–I saw this on Butter London’s site and knew that with a McQueen homage had to be special… take care and thanks for visiting! 🙂 Best, Amy

  11. Oh, I really want this, and your pictures have sealed it. Also v interested in Marrow.

  12. I have an exact dupe of this in H&M “cha cha”. it’s like…$3.

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