Aug 172010

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that Chanel completely revamped its brush line in Europe.   Currently a series of fourteen (14) brushes with matte black handles with silver-colored ferrules, during my last trip I determined to pick out a few and bring them home.

I concentrated on brushes that were the most different from those in the U.S. Chanel line.  So one of my choices was the Pinceau Contours – Contour Face Brush #5 (approximately 40 euros), a short, wide brush with rather stiff bristles. In the display, the Contour Face Brush is marked “Must Have” (in English).

When Chanel says that, I listen.

This brush is described as follows:

A clear beveled brush to sculpt the cheeks, the contours of the face and décolleté. Perfectly tapered and curved, the mixture of natural and made bristles make this brush a precise and professional tool to sculpt the face.  Apply brush to the tops of the cheekbones and back to the temples. The brush is ideal for carving and structure contours of the face.

Here is a close up of the wide, densely bristled head:

Unlike a kabuki, the brush is quite slim.  It is only wide from side to side.  Closer:

Here is the back, demonstrating France as its country of origin:

Compare this dense, wide and flat Chanel contour blush to MAC’s much taller, slimmer and smaller-headed #165 contour brush:

These designs are almost from different galaxies.  The MAC provides a wash of soft color, and the Chanel’s very stiff bristles pull pigment out of the hardest baked pan.  If you are having any difficulty getting pigment from the new Chanel Pink Explosion, Rose Temptation or Plum Attraction blushes, Chanel’s Contour Brush #5 is your solution.  These dense, stiff bristles will not take “no” for an answer.  A single swipe (or at most, two) is all you need.  I’m sure that I’ll get plenty of use out of this brush even if I use it only for those three blushes.

I also tried Chanel’s Contour Brush with my Edward Bess Daydream bronzer, and found that I had perfect color with a single swipe.  Use care with highly pigmented bronzers (and blushes).  Chanel’s Contour Brush will work best with lightly pigmented, or very hard powders.

In the past, I’ve noticed Chanel’s #5 Contour Face Brush for sale on for short periods of time.  Of course, if you are visiting outside the U.S., I suspect that you will find the brush readily available.  I do not know of any other company that makes this same style brush (or at least, in the same size, shape and brush density).

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  2 Responses to “Tool Time: Chanel Contour Face Brush (European Edition)”

  1. Hi there! Is your chanel #5 brush rough on the face? The bristles on mine are not very soft and I was just wondering if I got a dud. tia!

    • Hi Connie–the bristles are stiff–more so than my kabuki brushes. So yes, the bristles on this one are not soft. It’s meant to be used with some of the harder pigment blushes sold outside the US, from what I gather. Hope this helps!

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