Aug 192010

Lately, I’ve craved basics.  Every beauty email that features brushes, primers, nail polish removers has drawn my attention.  I’ve replenished my nearly-gone foundations, hair products and nail topcoats.  Even t-shirt and sweaters in basic colors pull me in.  I’m not sure if this is due to the impending Fall season–like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter–or simply because I’ve blogged about so many color products lately that this is my personal backlash toward high practicality.  Beauty brushes are a basic, everyday tool needed for proper application.

During my recent travels I picked up Chanel’s Flat Powder Brush #3 (Pinceau Poudre Flat) (approximately 50 Euros) offers a large, gradated series of bristles designed for light application over large surfaces.  The bristles are very soft and pliable.

My Shu Uemura 18R (pictured below) as a very typical powder brush shape–round with a long, soft bristles that end in a graduated, dome shape at the top.  By contrast, the Chanel brush has longer bristles that are more dramatically graduated.  The Chanel is flat, but on the wide side the bristle surface area is very large and the handle is short.

The graduated bristles are designed to give a very soft application for powders for the face, shoulders and other areas of the body.   This brush works well for a very soft, blended, and natural cheek contour.

Viewed from the side, you can see the very steep dome at the top, which promotes light, soft, and gradual application.  It seems almost impossible to get a hard edge from this very pliable brush:

I’m not convinced that this brush is highly unique–for example, MAC Pro sells the #134 Large Powder Brush for around $52 with a similar size and shape.  I picked up the Chanel while traveling, according to my philosophy that the best souvenirs are ones that you can use every day.

As an aside, did anyone see the Rachel Zoe Project this week?  Was I the only one that caught her line “a Chanel a day keeps the doctor away”?  I literally laughed out loud, but I did not disagree.

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  6 Responses to “Plushy Luxury- Chanel Flat Powder Brush (European)”

  1. I do watch Rachel Zoe show and I missed that line but I think it’s because Naomi Campbell scares the crap out of me. Did you see her take the tour of Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment last season? That’s on my wish list right now.

    • Yes! I did see that…so amazing! I can dream! As an aside, those glasses that RZ tried on were incorporated into a design sold several years ago. We actually got a pair for Liz, sadly they were stolen at some point. That apartment was so incredible and rich–loved it! 🙂

  2. I think I own this brush – but I bought it here in Canada! It’s fantastic quality and so soft! I’m 99% sure mine was made in France as well. I’m tempted to head to my Chanel counter and see if they have any of the other lovely brushes you’ve posted here! 🙂

  3. Amy, I had to laugh at your allusion to a squirrel gathering nuts for winter! That is exactly how I have been feeling – wanting to get all my basic products and favorites figured out for fall and winter use. I have more time to do it now than later, I rationalize, as I scurry from store to store comparing favorite tools, lipsticks and blushes to see me through the season. :0)

  4. Are all Chanel brushes made in France??? because I received one as a gift and it was made in China..:\

    • Hi Karen–some Chanel brushes are made in China– these have a gold colored ferrule and purchased from legitimate sources in the US

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