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In my quest for the perfect neutral palette, I investigated Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Palette in Steel Black ($59).  This palette was released some time ago, but I recently acquired it.  As we head toward Fall, I’m leaving my bronzer behind and investigating soft washes of dark eyeshadows.

This is my first (but not my last) eyeshadow palette in the concentric circle target “Eyes to Kill” format.  In fact, my last Armani eyeshadow palette purchases were an older formulation that was quite hard and required a very stiff brush to mine the pigment.

As with all Giorgio Armani powder products, Eyes to Kill in Steel Black comes in the delightfully sturdy and packable round palettes.  I’ve dropped these into every conceivable packaging situation, and they always come through perfectly.  These palettes don’t waste space on a brush that you’ll never use, instead they can be tucked virtually anywhere and withstand almost anything.

As a neutral basic for everyday (or travel), Steel Black offers the potential for a toned-downed professional look or an amped up evening look. The two outermost colors–the grey-taupe and cool cream–have shimmer bits.  The center is matte.  Unlike the old maestro quads, I was pleased to see that my standard eyeshadow brushes pulled pigment out of this palette.

  • The star of this show is the shimmery grey-taupe in the outer ring.  This works really beautifully as a lid wash.  Because this is my favorite of the three colors, I was happy that the palette includes the greatest amount of this color.
  • The cream color is a low-toned highlighter.  Unlike a bright white that might be found in many palettes, this highlighter is a deeper tone.  Although not as dark as a mid-toned highlighter, it applies deeper (and more golden) than Nars Abyssina.  Steel Gray’s highlighter has small glimmery-shimmery bits.  This cream shade was not as pigmented as the grey-taupe, application was sheer-to-medium.  A tapered blending brush (MAC 226 or equivalent) worked fine to cover my brownbone and inner corner.  This lighter tone applied far more smoothly on my eye than it did on an arm-swatch, so if you are looking at this at a counter, ask for a brush and a demo.
  • The center black is best used to smoke out the crease, or smudge into a liner or under-eye.  This black is not deep enough to wear alone as a liner color, even wet, so if you like a very black liner (like I do!), supplement this with a pencil, gel or liquid.

Here is a comparison of the Eyes to Kill Steel Black taupe, compared to MAC Satin Taupe, Shu Uemura Silver 945, Addiction Flashback and Chanel Safari.

Overall, I found Giorgio Armani’s taupe to be more glimmery, on the warm side and less plum than others in my collection. I am glad that I tried Steel Black.  I place a heavy emphasis on the quality of any line’s eyeshadows, and Armani’s eyeshadow line is certainly extensive.  I was impressed with the complexity and quality of Steel Black, which I’m sure that I’ll use extensively.  At the same time, Steel Black made me more interested in looking at the other eyeshadows in Giorgio Armani’s collection.

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  9 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Beauty – Eyes to Kill in Steel Black”

  1. Wow. This is the first review I have read for this palette which talks about how hard/sheer Armani shadows can be. I’m so glad you mentioned this. You may have almost convinced me to get this. Of course I had wanted it from the get go b/c it has taupe in it, but now that I read that the shadows are softer I’m very intrigued. I also like the comparison. That taupe is a lot warmer on the skin than I had thought. Which makes it unique enough for me to own. Guess I’ll be forking over that $59 *cringe* eventually!

  2. hi

    i’d just like to know how much is this eye palette in GBP please and how do i order this product?

    many thanks

    • Hi there Fatema–thanks for visiting! The last time I was in London I found Armani Beauty at Harvey Nichols. I’m sorry, I don’t know the price that is charged there.

  3. Although I’ve always loved many of the Armani products, the eyeshadows were never one of them. I know that the line prides itself on sleek and subtle elegance, but the eyeshadows were so hard and sheer that they were hardly worth the effort. If that has changed, perhaps I should revisit them because many of his colors do look pretty in the pan.

  4. oh this is my kind of taupe from your descriptiion. most taupe look odd on me. and i like it with black smoky mix. gotta check it out. thanks a lot.

  5. Oh, man, I wish I could just get the outer ring color. $59 is a wee bit much for just one color, for I have no use for other colors. 🙁
    I would love to read your input on other Eyes to Kill palettes. They seem to have some cool colors.

  6. ah so lovely. I really like the armani singles. you should definitely check them out. I love how the darks are so buildable and blendable because I’m always guilty of applying too much

  7. Oh, this looks great! I am deeply envious on you 🙂 I think this has not been available in Germany/Europe. Sigh.

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