Sep 202010

Chanel’s Stupendous Quadra Eye Shadow ($56) fits beautifully with the deep brick and cool tones of Soho Story.  The colors are softly graced with the cool tones of metal and blue-red brick.  The two top shades, which border on shimmery nudes, provide a solid foundation for the more dramatic color shades on the lower side of the palette.

The quad includes:

  • At top left, a soft cream-peach shimmer;
  • At top right, a shimmery camel-gold;
  • At bottom left, a shimmery brick-burgundy;
  • At bottom right, a shimmery silver

I will always love this palette for a few simple reasons.  First, it has two very usable nearly nude shades that can be used on their own to give a subtle polished eye, particularly if you add the lower right red-brick-brown shade as a liner.  Second, the silver shade (which is beautiful) gives the whole palette a kick–you can add just a touch of metal shimmer as a pop of color in the center of the eye, or lightly touched in the inner corner.  Third, the palette has lovely pigmentation and softness.  Finally, this palette has something that I’ve been searching for my entire life–a deep red-brown shade that gives me a liner shade that reminds me of the original Chanel Vamp.

Dear Chanel, can we do a pencil (or even better, a liquid) version of this now deep red-brick-brown shade now, please?

Here are some swatches:

This palette has been remarkably difficult to order. If I had not met the wonderfully organized and professional Tim at the Chanel Soho store, I’m convinced that I might not have known the joys of the palette.  I placed a pre-order with him, and this arrived with my order on schedule as promised.

Stupendous sold out quickly online, and then this weekend re-appeared in stock on  While drafting some of these posts, I discovered that the Chanel Soho Story was not up on, only to re-appear hours later.  If you like the palette and you find it, I encourage you to act quickly.  Call Chanel boutiques if you must.  Stupendous has been difficult to find.

Although I am fair and warm-toned, I find this cool-toned palette with intense shades easy to wear.  Perhaps because I have pink-mauve undertones and sometimes-green eyes, I find that using the deep shade as the liner color works beautifully.  Chanel palettes can be used dry or wet for more intensity, so try it both ways to see.  Sometimes, I bring the deep shade to a thicker liner at the outer edges of the eye.  Note that the deep shade is too dark for me to wear as a crease color, however, it would give me a bruised look and make my eyes appear smaller.  Also, adding a touch of silver helps brighten the eye area as well.  Together, these colors bring out the green-blue in my eyes nicely.

Here are the ways that I’ve been using the shades:

Highly recommended.  Act quickly–this is a micro-release as far as I can tell. Once its gone, it’s gone.


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  3 Responses to “Chanel Soho Story- Stupendous Eyeshadow Quad”

  1. Ah, thank you for the gorgeous swatches as always! I wish I felt the way you do about this quad. I’m very pale with yellow undertones, green eyes with golden flecks and it does nothing for me. I think the key to liking this quad may be pink undertones with blue, blue-green or brown eyes. I do like the face powder and Stunning lipstick though, so all was not lost!

  2. do you think the bottom left color looks a bit like Misty soft? I am debating getting this soho collection vs. Misty soft.

    • Hi Daisy, Misty Soft’s deeper shade is lighter than the bottom left in Stupendous. There is also a slight dash of cranberry in the bottom left shade of Stupendous. Misty Soft is more mauve-brown. Of the two, I use Stupendous more because of the range of shades (and I love having the contrast of the deep brown with the silver) but they are really two different looks-so much is personal preference with makeup! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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