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Two weeks ago, my daughter Liz and I headed to Neiman Marcus in San Francisco for lunch and a Guerlain Master Class, which we learned about through Hello Beauty.  The class was run by Guerlain’s National Makeup Artist Marcus Monson:

Marcus has been with Guerlain his entire career, and he was thoughtful enough to provide some giant Neiman Marcus cookies to carry us through the 3-hour class.  I learned a lot about Guerlain’s line during the class, although I felt that I had a good feel for the line going in.

The first hour of the class was focused on Guerlain’s extensive skincare line.  One of these items was the Orchidee White Age Defying and Brightening Serum, which promised to remove dark spots, re-texturizes skin and makes skin appear more youthful.  I asked the price-five times-because I couldn’t quite absorb the number–it sells for $460.

The most expensive item was the $1,500 set of four fluids which is said to remove 7 years from your skin.  It’s true that its less than cosmetic surgery if those claims are true:

We were excited to try Guerlain’s new foundation —Lingerie de Peau ($56).  This foundation gives medium to light coverage, with a goal of looking a part of the skin.

We got a quick overview of all of Guerlain’s liquid foundations:

  • Parure Pearly White foundation:  To minimize pores and give a glowy finish
  • Parure Extreme: For a long-lasting finish (all day)
  • Parure Aqua:  A water-based foundation, with a moisturizing effect
  • Parure Gold:  A medium coverage, correcting foundation
  • Lingerie de Peau:  A light to medium coverage foundation that blends with the skin to give a natural finish

Here is Marcus applying Lingerie de Peau (Color #3) on Liz:

I was impressed with Lingerie de Peau.  I liked the finish better than Chanel Tient Innocence Fluid, which is in the same category. I’d have a very difficult time choosing between Lingerie de Peau and Burberry Beauty’s Sheer Luminous Fluid–both are quite similar in their look and feel– unless I did a serious road test on both.  Liz opted not to purchase Lingerie de Peau quite yet, although I liked the effect on her.  She really needed to see how the foundation would wear in different conditions before committing.

Together with Lingerie de Peau, Guerlain is introducing a new finishing powder, Les Violettes Mineral, Invisible Skin Fusion Loose Powder ($56).  Although the packaging was certainly luxurious, I didn’t have the opportunity to play with the product enough to be satisfied that it would out-perform my current Caron powder.

I liked the black powder puff included, and the sifter which could be open or closed:

Marcus then applied a smoky eye using the 10 Rue des Francs Bourgeois ($84) eyeshadow palette:

I personally learned a tremendous amount about how 10 Rue des Francs Bourgeois would work for me.  We identified my appropriate base shade, my liner shade and my best brow shade.  One of the Guerlain representatives sat with me for a good twenty minutes giving me different look ideas, showing me application on one eye while asking me to do the same on the other eye.  I found that it’s an amazingly versatile palette once I had good instruction on how it would best work for (review forthcoming).

Here is the final look on Liz, using:

  • Lingerie de Peau in #3
  • Les Violettes Mineral Powder
  • Precious Light Concealer # 01
  • Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara (black)
  • 10, Rue des Francs Bourgeois eyeshadow palette
  • Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in #01 Blonde
  • Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss in Ambre
  • Cheeks – Terracotta Lady Bronzer/Blush (Limited Edition)

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  26 Responses to “Guerlain Master Class Report”

  1. What a fantastic and clear explanation of Guerlain’s newest products! Liz looks great (I like the foundation, too!), and I can’t wait to read your review of the eyeshadow palette.

  2. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I have a friend that swears by the orchidee skin care line…but the price is too high for me. Liz looks beautiful, as always!

  3. Wow, I wish there were these kinds of events around where I live! I just started getting into Guerlain and their products are wonderful. This is probably my favorite look on Liz, it looks so natural and she`s glowing! =D

  4. Your daughter is simply stunning, so I can only imagine how beautiful YOU must be, as well, Amy 🙂 Thank you for such detail on all of your posts … I don’t post often, but appreciate all the effort that you put into your blog!

  5. Liz looks absolutely beautiful here, what a flattering look, so fresh and sophisticated! The foundation sounds very promising :).

  6. Marcus also did my make up for the Guerlain event at Bergdorf Goodman…. he is just incredible!!! Not only does he work magic with the make up but he is an amazingly charming and gracious person. I love Liz’s look here, completely timeless and effortlessly elegant.

  7. Oh, that Master Class looks like fun! Thanks for the introduction to the products they focused on. I adore Guerlain. I do have the Lingerie de Peau foundation; I like it but don’t love it. I think I prefer the Parure Gold, which is more moisturizing. I’m very curious about Les Violettes powder, but I don’t do well with certain mineral powders, so I’ll have to find an ingredient list before diving in. Anyway, thanks again!

  8. Don’t you just love master classes? Since retiring, I’ve had time to go to a couple (Chanel and Bobbi Brown) and I love taking my niece with me. Even though the primary goal is to get us to buy products, I always learn new tricks and ways to stay fashionable.

    As forr Liz, all I can say is Wow! She looks flawless and utterly beautiful. Guerlain couldn’t ask for a better model to show off their collection.

  9. Can’t wait for your more detailed review. I’m loving everything that Liz is wearing: lips, cheeks, eyes….. I don’t see the Terracotta Illuminating Powder on Nordstroms website. Perhaps it is not out yet? Thanks for the great info and photos!

  10. Liz looks great! She is so pretty and can wear anything, but I cannot remember a better choice of colors for her. Really nice!

  11. Lovely post Amy!! I must say Liz looks absolutely stunning!!! I love the look, would you be able to break it down based on which color was used where? Thanks a ton, I’m very inspired by this soft smokey eye and although I don’t have any Guerlain products I’d love to recreate this with stuff from my collection! Enjoy your new Guerlain goodies!

    • Hi Goya– I can try when I do the palette review. Hello Beauty’s website said that she will be posting her make over video, where you can see Marcus at work using some of the same products. Take care!

  12. That sounds like great fun. It’s a beautiful look too x

  13. Liz looks so chic, just a touch of perfume and you have a perfect so French Guerlain look 🙂 seriously, thank you for such a complete report on Guerlain with so beautiful pictures. I am sure you and your daughter had a blast. At some point all the high end brands have very good quality products, you just make a choice according to your preferences, I say that in regard to the powder (I like Caron), but it applies to everything. This year’s make-up in the high end zone looks a bit repetitive to me, like a variation on the same theme(shade?).

  14. Liz is beautiful and I think it’s lovely that you two are so close.

  15. Do you know what color powder was used on Liz? I believe I am the same, or similar, coloring and would love to try it out but not sure if I should order Beige Clair or Beige Naturel. Wish I thought my skin could look as beautiful as Liz’s but it’s worth a try anyway. I am also ordering the Blondie lipstick and the eye palette! Can’t wait! Thanks so much! (one more thing: did he use an eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of the eye or just the powder eyeliner in the compact? Liz’s eyes look GORGEOUS).

  16. The foundation looks amazing on her! The Lingerie de Peau foundation is really interesting as I love Teint Innocence. I’ll definitely check this out.

  17. I’m blown away. It’s all already in the comments!

    I’ve only heard great things about the Lingerie de Peau.

  18. Great review as usual and Liz looks fabulous. By any chance would you know which
    Skintone shade she is at Mac or bobbi Brown that would help me to know which shade I should order for this new lingerie . I am Mac nc25/30 and BB warm beige and I guess i would be either 4 or 5 in this new guerlain .

  19. Amy- not sure if you are still responding to comments re this post… but wanted to ask you how much you liked the Guerlain Lady Bronzer/Blush. I purchased, over the phone, almost everything Liz is wearing except the SA talked me out of the Lady Day, saying that it was too shimmery….. Looks beautiful (and subtle) on Liz though. Maybe my Chanel Imprevu would be a good stand in? I’ve been on bed-rest for eons and wanted to get a few really pretty things to boost my spirits. 🙂
    PS: I’m kind of wishing I didn’t order the Lingerie Fndtn because I started mixing my Burberry Fndtn with Chanel Base Lumiere and it is PERFECT!!!!

    • Hi Katie–We both like the Lady Day, but we both love luminosity. I find it is finely milled enough to enjoy without a lot of sparkle bits. I find it more wearable than MAC’s mineralized skin finishes, for example. Hope this helps and I also hope that you are up and around again soon! 🙂

  20. Liz looks amazing! I love her colors – fresh, natural, yet polished. 🙂

  21. Liz eye makeup looks so nice here! It’s a nice change from her typical look of black eyeliner on the waterline. Looks very classy and grown up. She’s a beautiful young woman! Very cool that you two got to go to the class.

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