Sep 282010

Becca is a brand that is getting harder to find, but is worth the search.  Lately, Liz and examined Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Daiquiri ($23 for 9 ml), a color that looks a little scary orange in the tube but delivers a sheer, wet looking gloss that looks very pretty.

I’ve always loved Becca’s sturdy, travel-ready packaging, and their Glossy Lip Tints are no exception.  The tube is clear so as to easily identify the color, the doe foot is a nice standard type, and there is an overall rubbery feel to the tube that resists fingerprints.  This same texture is very easy to hold on to without it slipping away from me.

This gives a warm peachy look when swatched.  The gloss has a faint fruity scent that I can’t quite identify–it’s pleasant and fades quickly.

Daiquiri has a pleasant, gel-like feel and gives a glossy, sheer sheen to the lips.  It’s one of those “just had an orange popsicle” colors that lets your natural lip color show through, but gives a pretty warm pink-with-a-touch of orange tint that enhances their natural color.

Overall, Becca’s Glossy Lip Tint in Daiquiri surprised me as a very nice, wearable shade.  Liz reported that she really liked the color and feel of the gloss.  As Liz goes through gloss as fast as, well–as fast as I do, I’m sure that she’ll wear this one as a good, everyday color for several months to come.

This product was provided without charge to Café Makeup for consideration for review.

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  7 Responses to “Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Daiquiri”

  1. I really love BECCA’s Lip Tints. A lot of shades look very bright in the tube but they give a nice colour once applied. And the texture is great, not heavy or sticky at all.

  2. I really love Becca, such a great brand , and as you say, more and more difficult to find. Daiquiri looks great, is there any shimmers involved, does not look though on the swatch.

    • Hi Honor–yes, there is shimmer–if you click on the arm swatch you will see. It does not seem obvious when you apply it, but it is still there. Unlike the texture of the Chanel Extrait de Glosses –which lack the shimmer–the Becca does have a touch. Hope you are well and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. That’s so weird. The color looks completely different on your arm compared to on your lips. I’m glad that it didn’t end up being orange!

    • Sophia–so true, right? I think it’s common with some types of sheer glosses. Several of MAC’s have that effect as well–that’s why I decided to add an on-the-lip swatch to the review. I should add that these sheer glosses tend to look different on different lip colors too–those with little lip pigmentation, or a more pronounced pink or mauve, will all experience this color a little differently. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Amy!

    Becca Daquiri is actually my HG lipgloss. Can you believe that?! It’s also the one lipgloss I give to everyone as a gift because I have found that the color is just universal. I wear it all the time! I love the Becca Glossy Lip Tints, and all the ones that I own receive lots of love, but Daquiri is just the best.

    It’s lovely on Liz =)

  5. The best lipstick ever, anywhere, is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. Like maybe $4.00. It is easy to keep, easy to apply anywhere, any way, and it keeps your lips moist, beautiful and alluring without the vaselinesque look of gloss. I get more compliments on my BB Rhubard than any other lipstick I wear. Once I was at a Chanel counter and the beauty stylist complimented me on my lipstick. I told her what it was, thinking I would probably break her heart with the bombshell that what I was wearing was not a Chanel lip color; instead, she put a finger to her lips and winked. So much for that.

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