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When New York City native Joeybunny asked me what I wanted to see when visiting earlier this month, of course Bergdorf’s was at the top of my list.  Yet I had to add another legend too–Ricky’s–one of those crazy wonderful makeup stores that sells everything–yes like, literally everything.

There’s a vast supply of hair care items, an overwhelming amount of theater makeup, and every tool that any beauty junkie could imagine.  If you run the word “glitter” through Ricky’s online store search engine, you get 136 hits.  Their website lists 437 shampoos.  They have venetian masks, false lashes galore, glittery Mary Jane shoes, magic wands, hair dryers, a good supply of Ben Nye theatrical makeup, candles, skin care, and glitter tattoos.

If you’re in the mood, check out this rotating carousel of floating hair care products at this link.  Woah!

Joeybunny, I get the feeling we’re not in Bergdorf’s anymore.

Looking for the Yellow Brick Road? $29.99 at Ricky's

After attempting to take some of this in, Joeybunny and I wandered up to the glass makeup counter to survey the line Mattese Elite (or, ME for short).  Joeybunny reviewed of some of their products on Beauty Debutante a while back.  Aside from a few blogger’s reviews, there is almost no information out there about ME’s line.  Their packaging is very MAC-like, although the price points are lower.

Their pigments and eyeshadows were really pretty—I was really tempted by a few pressed eyeshadows but ultimately settled on Kaleidoscope Star Dust Powder ($13), a duochrome brown-green reminiscent of MAC Club eyeshadows.  You can see all of the ME Star Dust Powders online at this link.

I had to play with this stuff–here’s a comparison of ME Kaleidoscope applied dry (far left), compared with a version applied wet with MAC’s Mixing Medium.  The third swatch is mixed with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, which got very intense–almost too much so (what do they put in that??).  For reference, I also swatched MAC Club (dry) on the far right.

I did not get a chance to thoroughly examine the entire ME line–it’s pretty large.  From what I did see, this line has a lot of fun, really nice quality things for some pretty low prices. I’m sure there are gems I missed–it is a pretty crazy line.  ME is not going to replace Chanel in my heart, but it’s a great line to play with.  If you find yourself in New York City someday soon, you owe it to your makeup-loving heart to stop by Ricky’s.  There’s something for everyone in there.

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  2 Responses to “Ricky, I’m Home: Café Makeup Visits a NYC Institution”

  1. Oh, what fun! I bet you and Joeybunny had a blast in Ricky’s. I could spend hours in a place like that. They see always seem to have a gazillion things that you never even thought existed. As for Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, that has got to be one crazy kind of make-up “glue”! It’s a must for anyone who loves pigments.

  2. Amy,
    You know everytime I passed by Ricky’s it was late at night, the store was closed or my cab sped quickly past it. Needless to say, I didn’t get the chance to visit. I am putting it on top of my list when I return next year!!

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