Oct 062010

Burberry Beauty Soft Satin Lipstick in Cameo Pink ($30) is a soft shade that has the same beautiful packaging and moisturizing formula as the other lipstick’s I’ve tried from the line.  The bullet and arm-swatch reveals a peach undertone, although the peach effect is rather subtle when applied to lips that have pink pigment:

Cameo Pink is a beautifully-textured lipstick that gives a very polished, feminine look.  I think of these colors as appropriate for Tea-with-the-Queen.  Going out for brunch with relatives?  A wedding?  Work or school?  Cameo Pink is an easy to wear warm toned pink that always looks right.

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  3 Responses to “Burberry Cameo Pink Lipstick”

  1. What a beautiful color!!

  2. Liz looks lovely as usual. This makes me very happy to have a daugther. I just need to find new hiding spots for all my pricey lipsticks. She’s two now and likes to pretend she’s putting on makeup like her mama.

  3. Liz looks amazing with this lipstick and an overall look!

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