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Guerlain Holiday 2010 contains a comprehensive array of beautiful objects that are designed to make you look and feel elegant.  Because the collection is so large and spans so many types of products, I’ve put together this guide as a comprehensive overview of these creations.

First, some background– This seasons collection echoes back to Guerlain’s history–specifically, 1853 when Pierre Francois-Pascal Guerlain created a citrus-based cologne for the wife of Napoleon III, named Eau de Cologne Imperiele.  The bottle was encrusted with bees, the symbol of the French monarchy since the Middle Ages.

Today, Guerlain uses the bee motif in some of its exclusive fragrances sold in the Paris boutiques.  Here is L’Instant de Guerlain, which I took in their boutique at the 2 Place Vendome in Paris.  Notice the embossed bee motif that suggests the same pattern on bottle of L’Eau Imperiale.

The same elements–the gold touches and the bee motive–is woven beautifully through Guerlains Les Ors collection. Shall we begin?  Here we go–I’m categorizing these by product type–Guerlain Meteorites, for eyes, for glowing skin, and finally for lips.

Guerlain’s Meteorites are a finely milled, glowing finishing powder.  This season includes two (2) limited edition products.

  • Meteorites Poudre D’or ($170):  This includes a gorgeous metal compact decorated with black Swarovski crystals.  The powder features six pearly shades for a luminous, fresh finish.  This picture shows the outside compact design:

  • Meteorites Perles D’or ($56):  These loose pearls include a golden shade to light up the complexion and a violet shade to catch light and soften shadows.

Guerlain Les Ors Collection for Eyes:

  • Ombre Eclat 4 Shades (410 Velours d’Or) ($59):  A harmony of eyeshadows in royal colors, embossed with a honeycomb pattern and the royal bee.
  • Le 2 Volume Mascara ($36) with the basic brush in Black, and the special brush using a gold copper lacquer.  (Note that I previously reviewed Le 2 Volume Mascara in Black here).  Note the tiny gold bee on the gorgeous black packaging.  One can assume that the black is the base color, and the golden copper is used for the lash tips.

Guerlain Les Ors for glowing, shimmering skin:

  • Midnight Star ($73), is a clear column filled with single-use capsules of skincare primer.  Intended for an evening out, this skincare is intended to relieves skin of signs of fatigue and stress.  Need a glow after a long day–these treatments are said to be your answer.
  • Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder for Face & Body ($85).  A silky loose powder in a bottle with an atomizer applicator top.  This is intended to create a veil of iridescent copper golden sparkle.  The packaging evokes the traditional Guerlain bee bottles.

Guerlain Les Ors for Lips:

  • Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in B64 Bee ($46)  A beautiful shiny violet.  Note the tiny bee on the inner mirror.
  • KissKiss Strass ($31) Two limited edition shades #323 Rouge Imperial (vibrant dark red) and #363 Rose de la Reine (rosy beige).

Are any of these on your holiday wish list?

These photographs and the information were received from Guerlain in one of the most beautiful press packets I could imagine. Truly first class. It was elegant and beautiful and I am sharing the best part–the photographs–with you, my very lovely readers.

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  10 Responses to “Guerlain Les Ors Collection: Christmas 2010”

  1. Sigh. A gorgeous collection of products and the first REAL luxury in makeup specials I’ve seen in years. I’ll be lloking out for the mascara, skincare ampoules and eyeshadow quad. And maybe the pressed powder and Rouge Imperiale lipstick! Thank you Amy.

    • Emilyjane–I’m so tempted by the quad and pressed powder as well. So beautiful (sigh!)

      • I’m assuming that the bees in the pressed powder are not an overspray? it’s beautiful but as I only occasionally wear a bit of loose powder I couldn’t justify it!

        • Hi Emilyjane-I emailed Guerlain, and their response was the bees do not go all the way through the powder. Thank you for your lovely question!

          • Your dedication is amazing! I’m slightly surprised that the bees are superficial but it is still a very pretty thing.

  2. This collection looks gorgeous. The bee was first introduced by Napoleon, when he became emperor, the middle age symbol of the French monarchy was the fleur de lys (lilly flower).

    • Liliana–thank you so much for your post! Yes, its true that Napoleon relied on the bee, but some argue that this was also to legitimatize his rule by harkening back the more ancient symbol of French monarchy. At least some of the research I’ve done says this on Napoleon.org–>” Symbol of immortality and resurrection, the bee was chosen so as to link the new dynasty to the very origins of France. Golden bees (in fact, cicadas) were discovered in 1653 in Tournai in the tomb of Childeric I, founder in 457 of the Merovingian dynasty and father of Clovis. They were considered as the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France.” Although this is perhaps in error as well? These historical debates are fascinating, yes? Thank you again for your lovely comment. Best, Amy

  3. Hi Amy,

    This is what I have been waiting for! I NEEDED this post! I have seen press pics of this beautiful collection, but some of the gorgeous packaging makes for a confusing match with the products. Your post is so clear and helpful – I would love the entire collection! *sigh* Will wait until I get to my counter and test. Many thanks on such a well done explanation of these beautiful items. If you can share pics of the press kit I would love to see them!

  4. I think the eyeshadow palette and lipsticks look stunning. I look forward to seeing this release on counter.
    MB x

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