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What is that expression about “saving the best for last”? Chanel Holiday 2010 collection features a mix of warm coppers and bright pinks.  Generally, I feel as though many of the items are intended to be gift-able crowd pleasers, and there is not necessarily anything wrong with that.  I must say that the modern edge is what I loved about Chanel’s Soho Collection;  for me, Soho was about color innovation, creativity, excellent editing and wearability. By contrast, in large measure Chanel’s Holiday 2010 collection was a pleasant collection, although I was left with a vague sense that I had seen close variants of many of these pieces before.

My favorites from the collection were the Rouge Coco lipsticks in Magnolia and Patchouli, and the Chanel Ombre D’eau eyeshadow in Splash ($32/ # 757).  I’ve reviewed many of the Ombre D’eau liquid eyeshadows before, and explained the theory and application tips for these eyeshadows here.  In my opinion, Splash is a complex, beautiful taupe that is the must-have from this collection.

Chanel Ombre D’eau Splash comes in a glass vial with the iconic square black top, to which is attached a doe-foot applicator.

From the side:

The doe-foot applicator allows you to dab the product across the lid, and can also be used for blending:

Here is Splash’s lovely complex taupe on the left, compared with the more vibrant, rich green of Chanel Ombre D’eau in Torrent released last year:

I love the warm plum tones underlying this taupe.  Highly recommended.

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  9 Responses to “Holiday 2010: Chanel Ombre D’eau in Splash”

  1. I haven’t had a ton of luck with the ombres (even tho I shake it like a polaroid picture 🙂 and gave up on them about a year ago. But, you’ve inspired me to try again!!

    • I have to be honest, Molly, it took me several tries to figure them out. I finally learned after trying them for five days straight. At least for me, the less I handle the product, the better off I am so I let the doe foot do most of the work. I can’t do a lot of manipulation beyond a quick swipe or two to even things out Also, once it’s dry then I leave it alone. Maybe try one at a counter and see how it goes?

  2. Definitely an item I’m going to get from this collection! (but to be honest I kind of want them all :-)) )

  3. I love the Ombre d’Eaus, and this is the one item from this collection that I am most definitely getting!

  4. If I had to pick up just ONE item it would be Splash. I swatched it once and fell in love instantly. I have been thinking about it ever since. I am just hoping it hasn’t sold out yet at my local Nordstorm.

  5. This absolutely is a must-have from the collection for me. So much so, that I have already planned how I’m going to get it despite my spending bad (thank you Boots Advantage card points!). I had been interested in trying the Ombre d’Eau formula but in this colour, I just have to have it! Thanks for the beautiful swatches.
    Jane x

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