Oct 182010

Chanel Holiday 2010 Les Tentations de Chanel features a bronze-gold theme that is exemplified by Chanel Pleasing Glossimer ($27 Levres Scintallantes #227), a warm amber bronze shade.  This is tailored for those who love warm tones on the lips.  Like the other Glossimers in this collection, Pleasing has a sparkling glimmers throughout.

Here is a swatch of Pleasing, next the Chanel Rouge Coco in Patchouli:

Perhaps because I love warm, gold lipgloss, Pleasing was my favorite of the Glossimers in this collection.  Like the others, the natural lip color shows through.

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  3 Responses to “Holiday 2010: Chanel Pleasing Glossimer”

  1. Pleasing was not part of my original holiday purchase. I, too, remembered the browns of yore and was reluctant to try it. When I finally got around to swatching it, I was struck by the pinkish copper sparkle and I thought to myself, “I can do this!”. Like Pink Pulsion and Charming, it is quite sheer and sparkly. And, like the other two, it’s biggest selling point is how it transforms lipstick taking it from pretty to glamorous.

  2. I love this shade. It’s definitely my favorite of all the other Chanel pieces you’ve posted about. I totally agree that people (like me!) who loves warm tones should definitely go for this! Thanks a bunch!

  3. I love this glossimer, lots of color and it’s so pretty! It also looks nice on top of Patchouli. This shade kind of reminds me of Sarong which was discontinued I believe. It is also similar I think to Pagoda, I have to keep them separate otherwise I can’t tell them apart right away!

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