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NARS Sweet Disposition ($40/Nordstrom) is a set of three mini-multiples for eyes, lips and cheeks:  Malibu, Orgasm and Luxor.  At .14 ounces each, these mini’s make an adorable, gift-able way to play.  I was so excited when these arrived that I couldn’t wait to open the box.  First, they are mini’s and therefore automatically adorable beyond belief.  Second, these are products that I’ve always wanted to play with, but could never commit to just one.  Sweet Disposition gives me three options–a deep shade (Malibu), a medium shade (Orgasm) and a light shade (Luxor).  How could I not love this set?

I assume that this set is limited edition for Holiday 2010. If you prefer, each of these colors is available in a full sized version (.50 oz.) for $38 each.  One thing that I love about NARS is that their use of limited editions are very restrained. There is no tricky hook shade in this collection that is only in this set and then it is gone forever, leaving you with a lingering feeling that you needed to buy the whole set or be forever haunted that you didn’t.  Instead, NARS played it straight and thereby earns my undying loyalty (once again!).

The above picture shows the difference in size between the three mini’s in Sweet Disposition compared to the larger Cadaques Multiple Tint reviewed here.  The mini’s are packaged in similar matte black packaging as their larger sisters, although the smaller ones do not have the same rubberized cushiony feel.

The packaging is pretty and modern–essentially this is a cardboard outer box which houses the three mini multiples cushioned with a sponge separator.  There is no makeup bag inside.  From my perspective, that works well because I cannot imagine paying more for another bag that I would probably discard in the end.  I do think that the box is well-priced and attractive enough by itself to wrap as a gift:

The type:

Inside, each is labeled on the bottom with its color:

The multiples:

  • Malibu is a mauve-brown that has more brick red than Lovejoy, but has a similar feel to that bronzy-blush shade from NARS powder line;
  • Orgasm is the familiar peach-gold-pink tone that drew so many of us to the line in the first place.  Unlike the powder versions, the Orgasm multiple’s gold shimmer is softer and creamier;
  • Luxor is a very light cool pink, that borders on an almost-white.  This is a lovely highlighting shade for the upper cheeck, top of chin and center of the nose.

I’m struck by the pretty shimmery highlighted goodness of all three.  I expect that I’ll use these primarily as cheek colors, although Luxor may make it onto my browbone from time to time.

Swatches in soft light to show the color:

Swatches with flash:

Overall, this is absolutely delightful.  Highly recommended.

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  6 Responses to “NARS Sweet Disposition”

  1. Very pretty! Do you happen to know if this is a Nordie’s exclusive? I’m in Canada and shipping from Nordstrom is prohibitively pricey 🙁

    • Hi Kerri–I don’t believe so, but I couldn’t find it on Sephora’s site or Nars’. I’d check back at Nars.com in a week or two and cross my fingers–I found this by luck (I happened to be talking on the phone with a Nordstrom SA), so I’m hoping it will be more widely available very soon!

    • They sell this set at Holt Renfrew in Canada! I picked one up today. Love it!

  2. Oh goodness, this set is gorgeous. I already have Orgasm as a multiple (that’s quite a double entendre there) but I would still buy this set. Lovely!

  3. I can’t find it on Nordies online yet either, unless maybe I’m missing it?

    • Hi Winthrop–I didn’t see it on Nordstrom.com either, but I would keep checking. Their site doesn’t seem to be as updated as their stores these days. Or perhaps a store would waive shipping for you? I got this from Nordstrom SF. I hope it shows up soon on Nars site too. They had a similar set last year, but I wanted this one for Luxor.

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