I bought the Holiday 2010 Guerlain Météorites Perles D’Or ($56 Poudre Lumières – Éclat Pur) finishing powder sight unseen.  Perles D’Or translates to “gold pearls” in French, and I thought that a gold-toned finishing powder would be lovely.  Previously, my only Météorites purchase was a sample size of the now discontinued Mythic, which I rarely touched.  The Météorites powders can be very tempting, but I found myself reaching for more traditional loose powders, and I am currently working my way through Caron’s Translucent.

Based on some pictures that I had seen, I was a little concerned because with my light complexion I was unsure how the deeper roses and violets–which fit so beautifully with the rest of the Guerlain Les Ors Collection, would look applied to my face.  Some photographs that I’d seen on the blogs and chat boards gave me the impression that the  colors were as deep as a blush.  How could I use this as an all-over face powder if it was too dark?

I was pleased to see that the container for the Perles D’Or is a metal, or metal composite, which is much sturdier than the paper cardboard packaging used for some Météorites.  Many women apply makeup near a sink, and this container is going to hold its own against the occasional splash.  The lid pulls off directly, there is no need to turn to unscrew it.  Inside, the powder balls are cushioned with a black velvet flat puff.  If you are receiving this my mail, or shipping it as a gift, it should hold up pretty well in transit.

When I opened the package of the Perles D’Or, I noticed that a number of the colors were purple and pink, adding to my thought that this product would add too much color:

Compare the Perles D’Or (above) my sample sized Mythic Météorites, which seem so light by comparison:

I was quite relieved when I emptied my Perles D’Or out, as you can see there is a mix of white, gold, pink and purple inside:

I apply these using a standard face powder brush (Chanel in my case, but any will do).  After wearing this powder for a few days, I can attest that there is no possible way that this powder would function as a blush on my NC15/ Chanel Intensity 1.o skintone.  This powder simply does not deliver that type of color.

Perles D’Or applies as an extremely sheer wash.  The powder has a slight glow–more glow than a glowy foundation (such as Chanel Pro Lumiere).  I can see the glow as I turn my face from side to side in a mirror, and it looks like nicely moisturized, young skin. Unlike some of my gold highlight powders, Perles D’Or gives absolutely no shimmer bits–this powder is extremely finely milled.  As for adding color, my face does seem to have the slightest touch of a healthier looking glow, but the effect is extremely slight.  No one has mentioned it, not even my eagle-eyed husband who can tell the difference between my wearing a MAC blush and a Chanel Joues Contraste.   In other words, the effect is barely perceptible although the effect is quite flattering.  I absolutely love the very soft glow, which I wear during the day (even though I’d be reluctant to wear some powder highlighters then).

Bottom line–I love Perles D’Or.  I wasn’t expecting a powder so elegantly packaged and beautiful on its own to be so practical.  I’m excited to wear it again tomorrow morning. I hope it never runs out.

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