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I bought the Holiday 2010 Guerlain Météorites Perles D’Or ($56 Poudre Lumières – Éclat Pur) finishing powder sight unseen.  Perles D’Or translates to “gold pearls” in French, and I thought that a gold-toned finishing powder would be lovely.  Previously, my only Météorites purchase was a sample size of the now discontinued Mythic, which I rarely touched.  The Météorites powders can be very tempting, but I found myself reaching for more traditional loose powders, and I am currently working my way through Caron’s Translucent.

Based on some pictures that I had seen, I was a little concerned because with my light complexion I was unsure how the deeper roses and violets–which fit so beautifully with the rest of the Guerlain Les Ors Collection, would look applied to my face.  Some photographs that I’d seen on the blogs and chat boards gave me the impression that the  colors were as deep as a blush.  How could I use this as an all-over face powder if it was too dark?

I was pleased to see that the container for the Perles D’Or is a metal, or metal composite, which is much sturdier than the paper cardboard packaging used for some Météorites.  Many women apply makeup near a sink, and this container is going to hold its own against the occasional splash.  The lid pulls off directly, there is no need to turn to unscrew it.  Inside, the powder balls are cushioned with a black velvet flat puff.  If you are receiving this my mail, or shipping it as a gift, it should hold up pretty well in transit.

When I opened the package of the Perles D’Or, I noticed that a number of the colors were purple and pink, adding to my thought that this product would add too much color:

Compare the Perles D’Or (above) my sample sized Mythic Météorites, which seem so light by comparison:

I was quite relieved when I emptied my Perles D’Or out, as you can see there is a mix of white, gold, pink and purple inside:

I apply these using a standard face powder brush (Chanel in my case, but any will do).  After wearing this powder for a few days, I can attest that there is no possible way that this powder would function as a blush on my NC15/ Chanel Intensity 1.o skintone.  This powder simply does not deliver that type of color.

Perles D’Or applies as an extremely sheer wash.  The powder has a slight glow–more glow than a glowy foundation (such as Chanel Pro Lumiere).  I can see the glow as I turn my face from side to side in a mirror, and it looks like nicely moisturized, young skin. Unlike some of my gold highlight powders, Perles D’Or gives absolutely no shimmer bits–this powder is extremely finely milled.  As for adding color, my face does seem to have the slightest touch of a healthier looking glow, but the effect is extremely slight.  No one has mentioned it, not even my eagle-eyed husband who can tell the difference between my wearing a MAC blush and a Chanel Joues Contraste.   In other words, the effect is barely perceptible although the effect is quite flattering.  I absolutely love the very soft glow, which I wear during the day (even though I’d be reluctant to wear some powder highlighters then).

Bottom line–I love Perles D’Or.  I wasn’t expecting a powder so elegantly packaged and beautiful on its own to be so practical.  I’m excited to wear it again tomorrow morning. I hope it never runs out.

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  21 Responses to “Guerlain Météorites Perles D’Or”

  1. I have been paying more attention to Guerlain lately – perhaps your influence? At any rate, this would just look lovely with my growing collection of blushes and bronzers. I do need an all over powder and your description sounds lovely. As of now, I’m using my EB bronzer in Daydream as a powder since it’s subtle enough for me to do so. I’m just wondering if this would give me a glowy finish as it does for you.

    • Hi lexi. Meteorites come in three different basic tints and, of course, there is this new stunner. If you go to a Guerlain counter and ask to see them all, I’m sure you’ll find the one that is most flattering.

  2. Meteorites is probably one of the most misunderstood products out there. They’re not intended to be a highlighter, blusher, or shimmer brick type of product. So, what are they? Simply put, they’re the ne plus ultra of finishing powders. I’ve worn Meteorites for years, lightly dusting them over my face and décolleté. There’s nothing glittery, sparkly, or gimmicky about them. Meteorites make the complexion glow with a light-difusing radiance that brings everything together for that quintessential airbrushed look. That’s the raison d’être of Meteorites.

    When I first saw the Perles d’Or, I took one look at all the pink and lavender balls and thought it was going to be decidedly pink in tint, but I was wrong. As soon as I turned the container over and back and opened it, I was utterly delighted to see all the pearls of cream, champagne, and soft gold that the mixture contained. It turns out that Perles d’Or is a well-balanced finishing powder that imparts a very soft, warm, candlelit glow.

    I normally wear Teint Rosée (replaced Mythic when the new packaging was introduced). On my light complexion, it produces a soft, opaline glow that is appropriate for day or night wear. Perles d’Or’s luminescence, on the other hand, is warmer and a bit deeper with the overall effect being a soft and subtle rose gold. The two powders are decidedly different on my skin and are both well worth having. Perles d’Or is a gorgeous creation that every Meteorites fan will want to add to their stash. It’s that different from the others.

    For those of you who are concerned about the price, ask any woman who owns Meteorites and she’ll tell you that a container literally lasts for years without deteriorating in quality. Really. Years.

    • Eileen–Did you take a look at the Voyage compact from this collection? Is that worth having as well? Thank you for the lovely comment–I feel so fortunate to have you actively commenting on Cafe Makeup!

  3. How does the shimmer in these compare to the regular line Meteorites? Whenever I swatch them in store I get turned off by the glitter. I don’t want glitter all over my face but I really want to try Meteorites as I am looking for something to give me a glow without sparkle/glitter. When I swatch in store the brush has been used in several of the Meteorites powders so I’m never sure how much I would get from the new version of Mythic. Maybe I should consider these as my first Meteorites to try. I keep finding for a finishing powder with a bit of luminousity/sheen as opposed to glitter. Thanks!

    • Hi Christa–I’m not getting any glitter with these Perles D’or at all–I don’t have the new version of Mythic, although Eileen’s comment to this post (above) might be helpful to you.

      • Thanks Amy and Eileen! Maybe it is something about the tester brush giving so much glitter because in the light it is definately there when I test it but maybe with actual usage it’s not so. I guess it’s time I bite the bullet and give them a try 😉

    • Hi Christa. It’s definitely a tester issue. There is just so much cross contamination as customers swatch first one product and then the next. Meteorites don’t have any obvious glitter or sparkle. Under a bright light, you might see a tiny bit of micro glitter, but that’s it. When applied, you should glow; not sparkle.

  4. I’m trying to decide on whether to purchase the Illuminating Pressed Powder in Mythic Parfait or one of the meteorites – I was thinking Teint Rose. I have not been able to try it on my face but used it on my hand – I could kind of see a glow? Both are supposed to give off a nice glow correct? I wish it was easier for me to decide!

    • Hi Nicolle,

      Pressed powder is definitely more convenient if you plan on taking the powder with you, but the Meteorites are more translucent and produce a more natural glow (IMO). I was given one of the compacts a few years back and ended up applying it with a brush because using a puff made it too shiny. That’s a common fault–over-buffing equals shine.

    • The pressed powders do not seem to be as glowy as the Meteorites generally. If you want the glow, I’d get the meteorites! 🙂

  5. Hi Eileen, thanks for the nice review! I have been debating whether I should get this since I already have Teint Rose, Butterfly pressed powder, Imperial pressed powder, and mythic/nacres de mer pressed powder (yes i am diseased). But I just cannot resist the beautiful packaging plus I am the biggest sucker for PURPLE. anyways, I guess I want to ask you how does perles D’or compare to teint rose? thank you!

    • Hi Rongo,

      Teint Rosée is lighter and more neutral in tone than Perles d’Or. Since you have Rosée, you know the kind of opaline glow that it gives to the complexion. It’s a delicate porcelain look. I love it as my day-to-day finishing powder because it brings life to my light complexion without any obvious iridescence or bits of fairy dust!

      Perles d’Or is definitely darker and gives a very subtle rose gold glow that reminds me of candlelight. The soft warm glow appears to be coming from within and provides a beautiful backdrop for the rich tones of the holiday collections: copper, gold, rose gold, purple, fuchsia, etc. I’m a sucker for beautiful shades of purple, too, but that’s not what you’ll get with this powder. I’m not quite sure how the lavender pearls do it, but they add depth and dimension to Perles d’Or’s rose gold radiance.

      Bottom line: Teint Rosée and Perles d’Or are different enough tom warrant having them both. If you like Rosée, you’ll love Perles d’Or.

  6. Dear Eileen, thank you for this review! Beautifull pictures as always!
    I’m really looking forward to try them myself, as soon as they reach Hamburg. However i’m a bit concerned about so much “pink”, if i have a bit of redness on my face, and another concern – if it makes the face paler, as I am NC30.

    I’m also very intrigued by the fact, that your husband can tell the difference between my wearing a MAC blush and a Chanel Joues Contraste – can he really? and how he sees that?

    • Nina–it does add a tiniest touch of a rose-gold glow, it’s quite subtle. Having said that, perhaps a beige or white Meteorites would work better for you? I believe they have a beige version in their permanent collection, and they did a white one for Spring I believe that can still be found in some places.

      On your second question, I asked my husband how he could tell. Keep in mind that I’m in the U.S., and our formulations of Chanel blushes are different here (although the company may be shifting over). He said that the Chanel had more glow and looked less powdery. I hope this helps! 🙂

      • Thank you for your answer! I have already the Beige ones, but from what I’ve heard, they are more shiny and give different effect on skin. But now i have read your Post again and I think I’ll give a try. In the worst case i give them back.

        Wow, he’s good! I’m amazed 🙂 I know about different formulations of Chanel Blush and Eyeshadows in USA and Europe, this fact makes me a bit sad. But i’ve also heard, that they would unify it and produce backed round eyeshadows in US too… I think they better do vice-verse. Have you heard anything about this?
        (sorry for my poor english)

        • Nina, LIke you I’ve heard that Chanel is going to sell its International versions in the U.S., not the other way around! The other thing I’ve heard is that Chanel will continue to produce some U.S. products as well. So right now, I’m not sure what to believe! 🙂 Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  7. Meteorites keep popping up on my radar and I may just have to try them. I have the Voyage compact in Mythic and I love it (it goes everywhere with me) but I think I might need this for home. I will have to find a Guerlain counter to check out the colors, although it sounds like Perles d’Or may be the color for me. Thanks for the great review!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Thank you!

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