Oct 262010

From French Vogue:

A baby blue nail polish as part of Chanel’s Cruise collection, due in November at Chanel boutiques.  Designed “to accompany the 70’s spirit, Peter Philips, International Director of Creation Chanel Makeup, imagined a baby blue nail polish that is reminiscent of the soft colors of Vichy.”

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  12 Responses to “Preview: Chanel Riva Nail Polish”

  1. This looks nice! Will it be available on chanel.com?

  2. Amy-
    I have been hoping for this! Yippee!
    Not really a Fall/Winter color though. Who am I kidding…lol, I’d wear it now!

  3. you mention available at Chanel boutiques meaning it won’t be at Nordstrom?

    • Nicolle–There’s no way to be sure unless you speak to Nordstrom and they confirm. Usually these small releases are just Chanel only… however, that can change anytime! I know that the Khaki nail polishes made their way to Nordstrom, but I’m not sure whether these will or not.

  4. Ladies – this will be at Nordstrom Make-up studios only……..there is one in seattle…..=)

  5. Really pretty color. I actually think it would totally work in the winter. It almost matches the snow, in a way. I’ll definitely pick it up…if I can find it!

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  7. It looks very pretty, but I think the shade would have been better for the spring season !
    Anyway I want it ! 🙂

  8. I heard this polish is going for a retail price of $39? Is that true??? And is it sold out already???

    • Hi Laura–it’s not for sale in the U.S. yet–I understand the release date is between now and Dec. 1st. I know that the BellaSugar blog in Australia said that it is sold out–but I’m not sure that applies to the U.S. market or not. I suppose we’ll wait and see?

  9. Hi Laura–the picture of Riva on your blog is pretty. As an aside, putting the link in your comment sent it into my spam folder–maybe just let the link in your comment signature do the work? I don’t check my spam folder often, in the future your comments might not get pulled out of there. Thanks again for your comment and thanks for reading! 🙂

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