Oct 272010

Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Russet ($42.00 ) is a warm nude bronze with a gentle red undertone. Despite the word ‘sheer’ in the name, Russet aaplies as a blush that has a medium level of pigmentation when applied with a standard blush brush. Because it is finely milled, more color can be layered on without concern that the blush will become chalky.

Russet is packaged in Burberry’s heavy luxe packaging. There is a full sized mirror that is elegantly coated with a whisper of glare-cutting gray.

The brush is a usable size and quality. I tend to use a small brush for Russet, for more precise placement on the cheek. After application, I blend the color to soften the look.  I frequently put this in the hollow of my cheek, and top the cheek with a glowy beige highlighter.

The closest blush I own to Burberry Russet is probably Nars Lovejoy, which is deeper brown and more pronouced red. By comparison, Russet has a honey tone and less shimmer than Lovejoy. Overall, I know I will get a lot of use from Burberry Russet. I own several nude-brown blushes, and Russet is probably the warmest of all. If you like this look, others to explore are Chanel Joues Contraste in Mocha (or Tempting Beige) and Bobbi Brown’s Bahama Brown Shimmer Blush, which looks sleepy in the pan but comes alive with a rose undertone when applied.

Of course, Russet fits beautifully with the Burberry aesthetic and feel of the line. Those neutral cheeks and eyes really bring out the natural beauty of the woman wearing them.

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  8 Responses to “Burberry Beauty Blush- Russet”

  1. I have wanted this blush since Burberry got released, but they are always sold out at the Burberry counter by me. I didn’t think the color would be that popluar, well I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves neutral nudish (is nudish a word?) blushes!

  2. I was initially told that I could’t pull this shade off b/c I am too fair. I bought it anyway and really like it. How do you wear it; in the hollow of your cheeks (per the ad) or on the cheekbones?

    • Lately I’ve been wearing this in the hollow, with a highlighter on the upper cheek. So pretty! How do you wear yours?

      • I have only used it on my cheekbones – sort of acts like a bronzer for me. The woman at the Burberry counter said to wear it in the hollow with a bronzer on the cheekbones- or was it vice versa?- but that seems redundant to me.(I didn’t purchase the bronzer as I wasn’t crazy about the nude glow that was recommended). I like the idea of wearing with a highlighter. Which do you use with it? I think I may need a smaller brush (MAC 109?) to correctly apply to the hollow of the cheek. Thanks Amy!

  3. This post reminds me to go back to the Burberry counter and pick up Blossom. Also I got a sample of their sheer foundation, per your recommendation. The verdict = LOVES! I am going to make a point to pick it up. It was recommended by the MA to also use the compact foundation on top of the liquid for more coverage. Have you tried the compact foundation?

    Lovejoy was recommended to me by a NARS MA so now I need to also try this beauty on too!

    • Lexi–I have not tried the compact foundation, although that’s probably next on my foundation list to try–let us know if you like it? Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. This looks like such an interesting colour. Everytime I read a post about Burberry cosmetics I remember I want to take a look in person. At some point I will make to Harrods for a look. Thanks for the review and swatches.
    Jane x

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