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Le Metier de Beaute’s Fall 2010 collection includes a Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Le Cirque ($95), a soft, cool and beautiful collection of four colors.  The pigmentation in these pans is superb–there is light reflectivity without metal or glitter.  Instead, the shadows provide a reflective glow using only the thinnest layer of this finely milled powder.  The colors are beautiful and subtle, and seem to strike a nice neutral balance in a season where we’re seeing a lot of more dramatic warms and cools.

Like the other Kaleidoscope palettes, Le Cirque is packaged as a small, round compact for easy packing and storage.

This compact expands and opens to reveal the products inside, together with a mirror to ease application.  The closures rely primarily on friction and magnets, which makes opening up each individual layer easy to do with a gentle, though deliberate, touch (translation:  you will not chip nail polish on this thoughtfully designed palette).

This picture shows the overall structure of the package, but what is more difficult to show is that these shadow change almost magically in the light.  They have a reflective quality that is not as obvious as a duo-chrome, but a much more subtle (and attractive) change as the colors interact with light.  It’s stunning–not overwhelming, but subtle and with an elegant shimmer.  After the fold, I’ll explore each of these layers in more detail.

The first level is a salt-colored oyster beige with a hint of opalescence:

Another view, showing the reflectivity of the pigment in the first layer when held at a different angle–here, less pink and more oyster:

The second layer is a soft taupe with a hint of a rose tone:

The second layer takes on a more grayish tone in changing light:

The third layer is a shimmery burgundy rose that takes on different hues in different light:

As I turn the pan slightly, you can see that this third layer’s bronze tones come out:

The fourth layer has a blue-violet color that shifts in the light in a duo-chrome style:

Turning the pan, the violet tones appear in this fourth layer:

These eyeshadows have a beautiful, glowing texture.  I haven’t mastered precisely how I am going to use this palette yet, but so far I’ve used Layer 2 as an overall lid wash, using the 4th violet blue as a liner, then the 1st light layer at the browbone. If time permits over the weekend, I’ll try do some layering to see how the colors react when one is placed over another:

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  13 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit- Le Cirque”

  1. I love this kaleidoscope! I picked it up when BG was having their gift card event. I’m still trying to figure out how best to wear the shadows together as well, but I’ll keep playing. I am just in love with the texture and shades! Thanks for the post.

  2. Amy – I love this review. It’s a difficult kit to photograph because of the complexity of each shade but you did an amazing job. This is my favorite kit from all the fall releases. The colors layer beautifully and you get a different effect if you layer from light to dark versus dark to light. I love it. Such an odd combination in my mind – something I would have never thought of on my own. It’s pure genius and looking at your pictures makes me fall in love with it all over again.

  3. I recently purchased this palette and absolutely love it! I had a wonderful Le Metier de Beaute specialist instruct me in the company’s application techniques when I bought it. Because their eyeshadows are so finely milled, they layer beautifully to create complex depth of color. In fact, the shadows are meant to be layered and if you have a few shades, it’s great fun to layer and create different looks.

    For this palette, he used the first shade at the top as an all over lid color. The second shade he patted on the lid from lash line to crease (and maybe a bit above). The third shade, he lightly patted on lid/crease. Finally the last shade (so bright!), he lightly dusted over the lid. It is such a pretty look. All the layers create a beautiful, complex depth of color which catches the light (but no sparkle/glitter). I feel very polished and sophisticated when wearing these colors. You can dial the drama up or down by using more/less of certain colors.

    I get alot of use out of these shadows and am very eager to explore more of their eyeshadow line. I believe the quality is truly second to none.

    P.S. Love, love, love the Le Metier lip glosses/cremes! Beautiful product as well!

  4. *gasps* It’s so gorgeous. That’s my idea of the perfect color combination…perfect. The photo quality is also pretty amazing. Do you mind me asking what camera you use? Either way, great post. Your blog is so refreshing! xxx

    • Aw, thank you Lauren!! I use a Nikon D90 with a macro lens. I also use multiple flashes–I think it can really make a difference. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Great review! I love this kaleidoscope, my favorite so far. Thanks for lisitng the camera you use as well – perfect timing as I am looking for a good one. Did you happen to hear or see what Le Metier has planned for holiday?

    • Hi Tammy–Nothing from Le Metier yet–I asked them on Twitter and they said “stay tuned!” I’m hoping to see something soon but I’m not sure yet. Let us know if you hear of something? 🙂

  6. I love these colours, I wish they were available in Canada! Oh well I’ll just order them over the internet!

  7. I purchased the Devotion palette due to your review and I love it! Thank you for posting as I would not have even looked at Le Metier’s direction at all. I also got the GWP eyelash curler from Neiman’s beauty event!

  8. I have this and tried it out myself for the first time today. I love it! I got a lesson from one of the Le Metier team on Friday with it too, I look forward to playing more. I’d love to know what you looks you manage to achieve too.
    Jane x

  9. I was not crazy about the burgundy shade, so the MA suggested Steel as the third layer, changes the palette completely, in the prettiest way! I layer them, but with the violet shade in the outer crease, then the other three all over the lid and crease, makes a beautiful eye, looks amazing paired with the Guerlain Bee lipstick!!

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