Oct 182010

Chanel Holiday 2010 includes Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Magnolia ($30 / #117) a limited edition, beautiful light-to-medium classic pink.  This is one of my favorite items from the collection, and apparently I am not alone.  It is already sold out on Chanel.com.  Hopefully other large department stores will maintain it in stock for another few weeks.

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Oct 182010

Chanel Holiday 2010 Les Tentations de Chanel features a bronze-gold theme that is exemplified by Chanel Pleasing Glossimer ($27 Levres Scintallantes #227), a warm amber bronze shade.  This is tailored for those who love warm tones on the lips.  Like the other Glossimers in this collection, Pleasing has a sparkling glimmers throughout.

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Oct 172010

Like Fuchsia Tweed Blush and Pulsion Nail Polish, Chanel’s Pink Pulsion Glossimer ($27, Levre Scintillantes #247) has a cool pink cast.  There is a generous sprinkle of glitter sprinkled through Pink Pulsion to add soft holiday sparkle to the lips.

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Oct 172010

Chanel Holiday 2010 includes Charming Glossimer ($27, Levres Scintillantes # 237), a sheer slightly milky baby pink.  This is one of the softer, sheerer glossimers that I own.  As with many other Glossimers, this one has a soft sparkle glitter suspended in the gel.

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Oct 172010

Chanel Holiday 2010 includes Les Tissages de Chanel in Tweed Fuchsia ($45/ Blush Duo Tweed Effect).   Consistent with the other Tweed Effect blushes in the line, Tweed Fuchsia has a pattern on top that resembles the fabric used the iconic Chanel suit.  An updated version of this fabric from Spring/Summer 2011 is below:

Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush’s pattern echoes this fabric pattern, sprinkled with a gold overspray:

A close-up of the blush with the overspray:

Here is the blush after several brush swipes.  As you can see, the two-toned color underneath shows more clearly and the sparkle is far more sparse.  The slight gold sparkle that you see in the below picture appears to go all the way down the pan, as it’s still apparent on my Tweed Fuchia that  I’ve used at least five times:

Tweed Fucshia applies as a marvelous deep cool pink.  The look is very fresh, although not particularly multi-dimensional.  The gold seems to mostly brush away on application.  If you are looking for glow, add a separate highlighter over this blush; unlike Chanel’s Joues Contraste blushes, this blush does not have the glow built in.  The powder is extremely finely milled, delivering a gorgeous deep wash of color.  It reminds me of a good Shu Uemura blush–a beautiful wash of pigmented color that does not leave any “powdery” look.

From these comparisons, you can see that Tweed Fuchsia is brighter and cooler than the Fall 2010 Pink Explosion, although not as pink and bright as the former Turbulent.  Also, you can see that Tweed Fuchsia maintains a touch of sparkle, although these are easily brushed off when they appear on the cheek:

Here is Liz wearing Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush over Chanel Lift Foundation in Ivoire topped with Caron finishing powder in Translucent.  She’s wearing Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Magnolia, Guerlain Le 2 Volume Mascara.  She’s also wearing Shiseido Hydro-Powder cream eyeshadow in Whitelights, and a touch of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal on her upper lid, with the black Prestige Total Intensity liner.

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Holiday 2010: Chanel Mica Rose Nail Polish

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Oct 172010

Chanel’s Holiday Collection for 2010 includes Mica Rose ($23).  I already own Mica Rose (#495) from their permanent collection, and so for the sake of completeness post this swatch of the color.  It is a sheer pink with shimmer. This is three coats with no base or top coat:

I do not have a color that is exactly like this one–Chanel does shimmer in nail polishes quite well.

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Oct 162010

Chanel’s Holiday 2010 Collection includes Pulsion ($23 Le Vernis 547 Nail Colour), a deep cool pink creme.  The formula on this polish is incredibly nice–it goes on smoothly and spreads to a perfect finish.  It dries very quickly to a glossy finish.  Here are two coats, without any base coat or top coat.

Seriously one of most lovely nail polish formulas I’ve ever used. The color is strong and feminine, and would look good on a woman of virtually any age.  True love.

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has some comparison with other recent Chanel nail polishes.  I did a few comparisons with some other deep cool pinks in my stash, here OPI’s Passion for NY Fashion and Essie Funny Face.  Although both are in the same neighborhood, neither is quite the same:

My other medium pinks, including OPI Elephantastic Pink and Zoya Lo, were not anywhere close.  Both were far lighter and not as cool.

The strong pink thread through Chanel’s Holiday collection includes the Pink Pulsion Glossimer:

Another is Tweed Fuchsia blush:

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Oct 152010

Perhaps one of the most anticipated items in Chanel Holiday 2010, Les Tentations de Chanel, is the eyeshadow quad, Tentation Cuivree ($56, limited edition) (Les 4 Ombres, Ombres a Paupieres Quatuor/ Quadra Eye Shadow).

Roughly translated to “Copper Temptation” in French, Tentation Cuivree includes for shades using the international formulation–that is, with four round pans with a baked texture.  When compared to the soft-square shape of the U.S. formulation, the powder texture of the international formula is harder to the touch.  Compare Chanel’s recent Stupendous from the Soho collection for an example of the traditional U.S. formula, with the round, uneven texture of Tentation Cuivree:

Tentation Cuivree is labeled “Made in France,” and I’ve heard from several sources (none of them official from Chanel) that Chanel is consolidating its manufacturing there.  I have also heard from several sources (again, not Chanel) that Chanel is transitioning out the square-pan, softly pressed powder U.S. formula.

It was with some trepidation that I began using Tentation Cuivree, as I am familiar with the international formula from my travels.  After several days, I found that the pigment of Tentation Cuivree is rich, and the combination of the colors quite easy to wear.

The colors include:

  • A bone off-white for highlighting the browbone and inner corner (upper right)
  • A soft neutral pink that makes a nice all over base (lower left)
  • A medium shimmery brown (upper left)
  • A deep coppery brown liner color (lower right)

Like the other international formulations that I’ve tried, there is a fairly high level of glitter bits laced throughout each pan of Tentation Cuivree. When swatched dry, the pigmentation was quite good but there was a high level of fallout.

Used wet, the fallout was far more controlled (as you might expect) and some of the glitter seemed to melt to create a slightly metallic finish.

I can report that this quad holds up quite well used wet.  I (accidently) soaked the deep copper color with an overly wet brush. Although my heart sank when I did it, I found that the pan did not seem to change consistency or color after drying.  Based on this and similar experiences, I’m very comfortable using this palette wet.

More swatches, so you can see these in different lighting:

These colors are beautiful, and I was able to do a very pretty eye using the medium brown shade as an overall lid shade, coupled with the bone as a highlighter color, and using the liner color over my Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Gel Eyeliner.  The colors remained quite vibrant over several long (14 hours or so) days, using a primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion).  The copper color is flattering, and not so deep that it was overwhelming on my small lids.  Really, these colors are highly wearable.

All that being true, I cannot help wishing that these colors had been delivered in the U.S. softer powder formula.  Specifically, the glitter is troubling to me. After wearing Tentation Cuivree for a few long 14-hour days, I saw glitter bits winking back at my in my mirror.

I have become used to relying on Chanel to give me an eye that I can wear, literally, anywhere.  There are times in many women’s lives when the pressure is on, and you want to look extremely polished for a day look.  I must admit that, when it came right down to it, on a recent high-pressure day I chose Chanel Stupendous over Tentation Cuivree. I don’t want pieces of glitter on my lid or an errant fall-out glitter bit on my lashes to distract.

Let me be clear–I love some palettes for their glitter–indeed, Chanel’s Enigma is a lovely quad that has some glitter.   What concerns me is that several other Chanel international quads share this same characteristic.  For example, here is a former limited-release Galets quad that uses this same formula for comparison:

Galets was part of an Asia-only release called the Beige collection, which featured nude shades.  As one example, the nude blush that was part of this collection was so matte and soft it was barely discernible.   Yet Galets evidences glitter and fallout when swatched dry, and a metallic look swatched wet.  If you look closely at the swatches (click if you wish to enlarge), you can see the shimmery bits:

If it true that Chanel is consolidating operations in France, I hope that they continue to make some quads in the U.S. square panned formula.  I’ve grown to love (and depend) on that formula and would be very sorry to see it go.  At a minimum, I hope that Chanel develops eyeshadows without the glitter and metal.

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Oct 142010

Exciting news for those within reach of the Nordstrom at San Francisco Centre, I’ve heard that Bobbi Brown will be there on November 5, 2010 from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. This is from a phone call, so if you want to meet her, you should call the Nordstrom San Francisco Centre for details (415) 243-8500.  The store is taking appointments with your commitment to purchase her Beauty Rules Book ($24.95).  Also, I’ve heard that there is a nice gift with purchase–an angled blush brush worth $50–with a $100 purchase.

I would call and reserve now, including pre-ordering any holiday items that you are interested in.

The following day, November 6, 2010, Nordstrom is doing their Mascara Madness once again–so this is pay for two, get three mascaras.  All of the mascaras must be from the same brand, but I understand that they can be different types (for example,  1 Diorshow, 1 Diorshow waterproof, 1 Diorshow Iconic).

Happy shopping!

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