Nov 092010

Holiday 2010 brings MAC’s Tartan Tale collection–a rather large and impressive array of products.  My choices from the first phase of this collection were comparatively modest–I purchased the two new pigments (Family Crest and Moonlight Night) and one palette (Rockers and Reelers).  I’ll be reviewing each of these choices.  The other pigment released with Tartan Tale is Later, previously released last summer with the Alice + Olivia Collection and reviewed here.

Family Crest ($19.50) is a deep almost-black with a bronze overtone and a purple undertone.

The pigment seems like a charcoal with deep gold sparkles in the vial.

Applied, Family Crest shows off a touch of a violet undertone:


When I applied the pigment wet on my lid, I got a strong charcoal look with bronze-gold sparkles.  The violet tones seemed to recede when applied to the eye and only show in very strong light.

Generally, Family Crest is a very strong, dark color–the texture is big and bold.  There are some MAC pigments that, despite their strong color, sheer out nicely so that the color can be worn for subtler looks.  Family Crest is not one of those pigments.  Rather, it’s a “go big or go home” color.  Sheered, it’s a smudged-out matte charcoal with widely dispersed bronze-gold sparkles–to me, the sparkles look lost unless applied full-force. If you want to wear a sheerer gray, I would go for another black to work with.

Applied thin as a liner, Family Crest quite strong and dark.  I’d use it over an emollient liner–like MAC’s Black Greasepaint stick or Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner–to bring out the best in this unusual color and help its staying powder.  As an all-over lid color, its quite dramatic and only for evening, as that metallic sparkle spells high drama.  I can see this color looking interesting with a deeper non-black, such as Dior’s Ultra Violet single eyeshadow which could bring back some of those violet hues.  Here’s the idea:

For those with paler complexions, this color requires careful planning.  Either proceed without fear for a dramatic look or perhaps choose a more subtle eyeshadow instead. Family Crest is not for the faint of heart.

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  2 Responses to “MAC Tartan Tale- Family Crest Pigment”

  1. I love this one – I use it wet as a liner. I did also use it on top of the French Quarter grease stick (Venemous Villians collection) for a quick smoky eye. It’s a great one.

  2. Wow, I love it as a liner! Thanks for the idea!

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