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MAC’s Holiday 2010 A Tartan Tale collection includes Reelers and Rockers ($36), a mix of cool and metallic tones.  In the past, I loved to buy MAC’s Holiday eye palettes, routinely purchasing two or three.  The price-per-shadow is low, they are usually cute/fun and I love the convenience of a palette for travel.

This year, after reviewing my own collection, I realized that most of MAC’s 2010 eye palettes would be duplicative.  I ordered only one-Reelers and Rockers-online, because it has the most of my favorite MAC finish–Veluxe Pearl.  I’ve loved several –some have a sheen that glows without glitter, they apply smoothly and beautifully.

After I ordered this online, I saw this in a brick and mortar store and worried, “what was I thinking?”  This palette did not seem to be my style at all. I was very tempted to return it without  trying it out, but that seemed to break the first rule of beauty blogging–>  Don’t judge a palette by its cover (or something like that).

Reelers and Rockers comes in a gift-able uber cute yellow box:

The inside compact is topped with fuzzy flannel fabric with an embossed MAC crest.  Extra cute points:

I’m considering this palette as a pretty strong challenge to my comfort zone.  But, hear me out–in fact, am wearing it.

Colors and corresponding textures with four Veluxe Pearls inside:

  • White Rabbit was one of my top picks from this palette.  It’s labeled as a Frost but acts like a Veluxe Pearl.  It’s luminous. It’s pigmented. It’s a cool white. Two coats gives me opaque coverage, which can be too strong applied heavily on the browbone.   Since it’s cool, it’s particularly cartoonish applied too heavily on warm-tone skin.  However, it’s really nice applied heavily in the inner corner of the eye and lightly on the brow.  Really, most whites in palettes can be weak, but White Rabbit holds up.
  • Melt My Heart:  A nicely-textured metallic silver.  No extra sparkle bits, just smooth Veluxe Pearl goodness.
  • Carbon:  A matte near-black.  The texture needs work, and layers to get good pigmentation.
  • Family Treasures: Warm gold Veluxe Pearl. Really smooth, lovely texture.  I would love if MAC released this as a permanent single–their line really needs either this or Bagatelle, and probably both.  MAC is such a great line for drama, and what’s more dramatic than a dash of true gold?
  • Gaelic Gold: A greenish gold, which reminds me of Gorgeous Gold.  I would have loved this palette to include a matte burgundy shade in this space.
  • Crown & Sceptre: A metallic burgundy with a lovely texture.



I’m going to use this palette more a series of singles, rather than to create one integrated look.  These colors are simply too strong to apply all at once to someone with my coloring and features.  Nonetheless, I have many eyeshadows that I love but sometimes it’s fun to dress them up with a little dazzle.  For example, this morning I used the beige and burgundy shades from the Chanel Soho Stupendous quad with White Rabbit and Crown & Sceptre.  The mix of the two was really nice.

A little Chanel makes everything better, right?

Overall, I’ll use Reelers and Rockers more as a series of singles to mix into my already existing neutrals, rather than a single palette.  I still love the Veluxe Pearl texture, and five nice shadows for $36 is a nice price point.

Those who want a party look will find Reelers and Rockers chilled and party ready, like a fun white wine.  It’s easy to see how this mix of highly pigmented metallics gives a beautiful, glam look easily.  The quality is really great, especially for the price and the packaging makes it a highly giftable item.

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  1. You are making me want this even though I thought I’d pass on it. Maybe I’ll go back and check it out again. VP eyeshadows are great, but I could do without Carbon, it’s such a rubbish shade (imo).

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