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Bobbi Brown’s Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette ($75) is a comprehensive palette of ten eyeshadows, four lipglosses and two brushes.  It’s a compact size for all of this generosity of products–these are packed into a 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch container that about twice as thick as the slimmer Day to Night palettes released for Holiday 2010.  Bobbi Brown palettes do make impressive gifts–I have given some in the past and they have been both well received and well-loved.  They looks wonderful, you can be confident that they are excellent quality.  Women who do not have extensive makeup collections appreciate the well-chosen variety.

Some of the palette’s bulk is due to a large, fold out mirror, as well as the addition of the lip products which are intended to make this a grab-and-go option.  Although lip products in palettes are not my favorite thing, Bobbi Brown has protected the powder with the fold out mirror to keep the powder and emollient products from mixing.  The mirror flips down to cover the shadows, leaving the lip products exposed for quick touch-ups.

I’m always a little uncomfortable with this format–carrying this palette in my purse all day adds weight and bulk-it’s a commitment to someone who is already juggling an iPhone, wallet, brush, lipsticks, powder, and who knows what else. Leaving the palette home deprives me of the lip products that I need for periodic touch-ups.  It’s not something that I would tuck into my desk either, because I don’t tend to re-apply eyeshadow during the day.  Perhaps the best use is to use the eye and lip products at home, then touch up with another lipstick or gloss that can be more easily carried.

Nonetheless, it has not escaped my notice that you get a huge variety for the price.  Ten shadows and four lip products for $75– that’s quite good for a high end line. Further, this format seems so popular that I have to assume that some women loving them (do you?)

There are four matte shades:

  • Ivory- a sheer highlighter (which is in both Day to Night palettes)
  • Birch- a light-toned brown that can be used as a lid base shade
  • Navy Charcoal- a deep blue-gray that can be used to smoke the liner and/or crease
  • Espresso- a deep brown-black liner shade (this is also in the Day to Night Warm Eye Palette).

The remaining 6 shades are shimmer and metallic textured near-neutrals.

  • Oyster Grey Metallic– A pretty light silver with a touch of grey.  This silver is a subtle grown-up metallic, more like the silver in the Chanel Stupendous quad than the chromed-out silver of MAC’s Reelers and Rockers palette.
  • Antique Pink Shimmer Wash- A shimmery rose-pink with a touch of grey.  As an off-pink, I find this color easier to wear in the eye area than a straight-pink–the touch of rose and shimmery texture make this wearable.  On most lighter skin tones, this color is too dark to use as a brow bone highlighter, but would work as an emphasis shade on part of the lid-either near the liner or in the inner corner.
  • Quarry Shimmer Wash- a medium gray with light shimmer.  Beautiful for adding crease depth, or liner drama.
  • Tafetta Metallic- Peachy gold metal with a sophisticated glow.  Smooth and without glitter bits.  Taffeta is more gold that Chanel Abricot, another eye-brightening peach shade.
  • Heather Rose Shimmer Wash- a soft cranberry with gold sparkles.
  • Gold Thread Metallic- I love this soft shimmery gold tone.  This has a touch of gray, avoiding the high-yellow cast that can look too warm on warmer skin tones.  Rather, Gold Thread is a neutral gold.  Gold Thread desperately needs to be released as a single–the world needs metallic neutral golds, that’s just all there is to it.

I really love the color selection–several of these work beautifully together and their quality is quite nice.  The top row:

The bottom row:

Overall, the quality of the eyeshadows in the Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette were quite good, although not quite as soft as the Bobbi Brown singles or the colors in the Day to Night Warm Eye Palette, which has an unusually high quality for a palette. Still, the Modern Classic shades offer tremendous variety and are worthy of a high end line.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy these shadows are to apply, blend and look fabulous.  My favorite look so far is using Gold Thread all over the lid for a sheen without glitter, then either Navy Charcoal or Quarry in the crease, topped with Ivory on the browbone.  It’s so easy–I just use my MAC 217.  Perhaps because my skin is pale, the brush picks up plenty of pigment, and the effect is very polished.  I’ve tried this palette several different ways, and have been able to pull off a nice look very easily.  I can see reaching for this palette on busy mornings when I need a fool-proof, beautiful look.

Are you ready for the lip products?  Bobbi Brown’s variety is thoughtful– although there is not a red red, there is a nice range of shades:

The left three shades are semi-sheer with a light dusting of sprinkles, the far right shade is a semi-sheer gloss with no sparkle:

So far, I’ve used Golden Topaz several times.  The gloss applies as a pleasant balm–this formula seems much less sticky than the Bobbi Brown glosses sold in a tube.  Golden Topaz knocks down my natural skin pigmentation, and adds a veil of shimmer sparkle.  It’s a pleasant color with a short-to-medium wear time, although I tend to talk and drink water pretty continuously throughout the day.  The glosses are useful, but to me the clear stars of the palette are the eyeshadows.

Overall, I recommend this palette to those who would love a several high-end options for a comparatively affordable price.  The eyeshadows get particularly high ratings for their pretty but practical formulation, high blendability and ease of use.  To put it simply—they look really good on the eye, and it’s really easy to make them look good.  Highly recommended.

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  8 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette”

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  2. I love the look of this palette and it has received some amazing reviews but there’s just something stopping me from getting it… i don’t know whether it’s the price tag or whether it’s that the colours are a bit blah. Nevertheless, thank you for providing such a great review 🙂

    • Hi Jennise–The size and price point are a bit of a commitment, at $75 you get a lot of choices. I think last year’s palette using the same format was the main thing holding me back initially. After reading Sabrina’s review, I felt much more comfortable ordering it. And I’m glad that I did-the quality and ease of use are going to put this palette into my regular rotation. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. I just purchased this palette and I’m totally amazed how great it is. The quality is fantastic, even the small brushes are great. Often the brushes in a palette are not so good, or you just get any of these foam thingies.

    I just have to ask one thing about your review: is it really true that the quality of the eyeshadows in these warm & cool Day to Night palettes is even better? I found the Modern Classic’s already wonderful, much better than Chanel’s Enigma for example, which I also got recently.

    • The quality in the Day to Night palettes is softer and leaps onto the brush better–but applied they are all quite nice. The quality on the Day to Night Palette Warm, for example, is similar to the Shu Uemura singles in terms of the gorgeous texture. Don’t get me wrong–Modern Classic is extremely good–applied to the eye, I’ve been more than impressed. Stella, to put it into perspective–there are some readers that look for soft texture in eyeshadow quality and emphasize softness in assessing excellence. Day to Night Warm has that excellence in softness. For me, Modern Classic is not quite that level of softness, but applied to the eye I find that it look absolutely beautiful. I’m glad that you are enjoying Modern Classic–I’ve been using this for the past few days and I’m loving it too!!

      • Ah, now I understand what you meant. And am highly tempted to get the Day to Night palettes as well. And then there’s the Bare to Bold …. I guess I’m officially a Bobbi Brown addict! 😉

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  5. I like the lip palette only.

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