Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter ($40 for .26 oz) is an unusual product in that it is both a primer and a finishing product.  It can be be worn at least four different ways:

  • Alone, instead of makeup
  • Under foundation as a primer
  • Over foundation as a finishing product
  • Both under and over foundation.

I love this concept.  I love choice.  I love products that are flexible enough to play with so that I can get them to work well for me.  And above all else, I love polished-looking skin.

I usually don’t wear primer–I’m told my skin is dry or combination;  I’m the type to get glowy mid-afternoon especially on the forehead.  I usually top my foundation with Caron or Chanel powder, the re-powder mid-afternoon.  Because my skin is sensitive to new products, I don’t like to try primers for fear of break-outs.  However, having a beauty blog is all about taking risks, so I’ve been experimenting for the sake of science and beauty.

Dior Crystal Nude is intended to enhance and mattify, by giving a soft glow that reduces the appearance of pores, flaws and all of those undetectable surface textures that those over the age of ten somehow manage to acquire.  Dior explains that “Crystal Nude plays with optical illusion to instantly recreate the perfection of ideal nude skin. . . . Its crystalline formula provides an optical effect: like a softening lens, it shows the skin texture while diminishing its irregularities to instantly reveal a smooth and even complexion.This unprecedented makeup result is obtained with silicone microspheres that have unique properties.”

Crystal Nude comes in a luxurious silver and crystal-toned palette.

Inside, the product appears white but applies as a translucent sheer layer on the skin.  There is a sponge included for application, although I used a foundation brush.  There is a large mirror for those makeup-on-a-plane moments when we can’t get our regular mirrors.

The clear toned portions are a heavy-duty plastic, completely travel-ready.

Crystal Nude is remarkably easy to use.  Even when using this over foundation, it seems impossible to apply too much, although a thin layer works quite well.

  • Applied over foundation:  Crystal Nude applied colorlessly, improving my overall skin texture.  Although I do not have large pores, Crystal Nude dramatically reduced the pores that I do have. “Airbrushed matte glow” describes the effect of Crystal Nude on my skin quite well.  My skin had an overall “matte glow”– meaning that there was no shine at all, although I could see the skin continue to catch the light as I moved my face from side to side with a slight, luminous glow.  Matte without deadening the skin equals everything I’ve ever wanted in a primer.  I loved my skin wearing this.  My makeup lasted all day, without any need to touch up mid-afternoon (no glow!).  It looked polished all the way until 9:00 in the evening when I removed it.  I used this for several days with consistent results every time.  (As an aside, I did not use a finishing powder when I used Crystal Nude over foundation).
  • Applied under foundation:  My skin looked slightly less matte than using Crystal Nude over foundation, yet still quite polished.  Again, pores were very minimal and my skin looked healthy and my foundation looked fabulous until 11:00 pm when I removed it. I’ve literally never had my foundation look this good all day until I removed the product.  (Again, I did not use a finishing powder).  Impressive.
  • Applied instead of foundation: The same staying power, the same improvement in texture.  My skin looks natural but polished.  I can see that this would be a perfect product for women with near-perfect skin as well as for men;  there is zero color and no coverage, and the skin looks very natural but better.

After using the product for seven days, I was extremely pleased with Dior Crystal Nude. It felt very pleasant and light, without feeling heavy or noticeable with other primers I’ve used in the past.  Once I applied it, I forgot that I had it on.  No breakouts (I use an oil cleanser and Clarisonic to remove makeup at the end of every day).  As my experiment came to an end, I went a day without wearing Crystal Nude.  I was sort of shocked to find that my foundation started showing wear and tear by evening–the glow returned.  I’ve found another Holy Grail.

Ingredients: Polymethsilsesquioxane, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dimethicone, tridecl trimellitate, C30-45 olefin, ethylhexl hydroxystearate, dimethicone crosspolymer, phenoxyethenol.

Disclosure: This product was provided by Dior for consideration and review.

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